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  1. boydell

    boydell New Member

    I am hoping someone with far more knowledge and experience than me can help with this one.

    I fitted two Stelrad radiators in my living room well over 20 years ago, and now want to replace/upgrade them. But I do not know the heat output.

    I have contacted Stelrad but they say they cannot help, and I threw out the data sheet years ago!

    They are 12 inch (30cm) high x 57 inch (145cm) long single panel unfinned.

    How many BTU's (or Watts for those who prefer), that is the question?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


  2. Dave does Gas

    Dave does Gas Screwfix Select

    I feel that your over thinking this one with regard to output, if your planning on fitting new ones just go for a similar size replacement.
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  3. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

  4. boydell

    boydell New Member

    Thank you Dave does Gas and The Teach, your advice is appreciated.
  5. minorman

    minorman New Member

    I have a similar problem in my 1974 built house. All the radiators are (were) old stelrads of imperial sizes. I am gradually changing them out to more modern ones as each room comes up for redecoration. The problem is that some sizes are just not matched by the modern products so, for instance the ginormous long double banked one under the window in the lounge has no direct modern equivalent. So, in the end I have to fit what I can get away with, use TRV's where possible and minimise the pipe work rearrangement under the floors unless of course they are under concrete. It is not helped by the original plumbers design of the major under floor pipework which seems to have scant consideration to the separation of hot water heating return radiators in the bathroom and the general heating radiators. They are just not separated and so I have to be careful where I fit TRV's. TRV's are marvellous except that women fiddle with them ! Balance it all out in winter and they are too cold in one room so they just open them all up. Doing a heat loss calculation would be nice but it does surprise me with the piddling little radiators that seem to be fitted today in some refurbishments that there is enough surface area to dump enough heat to actually get the necessary temperature drop across a modern boiler to make it condense efficiently. It would be really nice to actually get a table of the outputs of these old radiators. Rant over !
  6. David Goodwin

    David Goodwin New Member

    I had/have the same problem. I did a table of modern non-finned radiators and their outputs and calculated an average output per square centimetre. Then applied that to the size of the old radiator I was replacing. Not perfect but close enough I would think.
  7. Baxi Boy

    Baxi Boy Active Member

    The same size single panel with fins (type 11) is 2300 btu or 0.68kw,but unsure how much less unfinned.
  8. minorman

    minorman New Member

    Hi all, Just managed to get logged back in.

    I was doing a bathroom refurb. and the lady of the house wanted a Myson slimline and rounded top radiator. The existing radiator was a stelrad single panel and imperial size. The limiting factor was that the new flooring could not be ripped up to move any pipes. This was last November. Try and get a Myson rad. ? B nigh on impossible and the only one that would fit if I could get it was about £72 but there were no supplies in the country. Eventually I showed her a single panel Kudox rad. from Screwfix of the right(ish) that would fit with just a light bending of the existing tails. £22 ---- Job done and everybody was happy.

    Here's my method with old Stelrads. BTU tables appear to be non existant. I lost my copy years ago. So the criteria -- Is the physical size similar ? Yes --- Are the hole centres that take the valves including TRV similar or the same ? Yes ---- Then the more modern finned single panel radiator is the right(ish) one and it's the easiest to fit and the heat output will probably be higher but the TRV will correct for this if set up properly. Highly empirical but it makes for an easier and cheaper job. I can highly reccomend Kudox radiators. You may not get every size you want and they are not designer ones but the price is right !
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