One cold rad making me mad..

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by HairyPlum, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. HairyPlum

    HairyPlum Member

    Morning everyone,

    I've drained and refilled my sealed CH system a few times and have a problem with a rad at the top of the house. It is cold, while all other rads are piping hot.

    The thing is, it doesn't seem to have a problem with flow. As the system refills, I bleed it and the air comes up and out as the rad fills back up. So there's flow at least. I guess it's possible for the return not to be working but the other rads on the same floor don't seem to have an issue.

    I opened up the floorboards and found they've taken a spur direct to the rad valves from somewhere (and these pipes are also cold when heating is on).

    The other thing is, I presumed there would be no problem after fixing other issues on the system (damaged exp vessel and surrounding pipework), so I used this same rad to pour in a chemical cleaner (Flomasta CH Cleaner). I left it in the system for 2 days and went to drain it this morning and the water was clear - I think it is possible it never made its way around the system because of this dodgy rad.

    Should I follow the pipework back to where a hot pipe meets a cold pipe and see if there could be a blockage? Or maybe there is bad plumbing where both rad feeds are coming off one pipe or something equally silly. Any ideas? I checked the pump also, it is working fine.
  2. LearnMore

    LearnMore Active Member

    Has it ever been hot?
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  3. Mark DM

    Mark DM Well-Known Member

    As learners asks, was it OK before you worked on it?. If it was maybe you have moved a blockage or cleared a blockage that now results in some re balancing to push heat there.
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  4. HairyPlum

    HairyPlum Member

    I thought it was previously, it's an unused room so I was never that bothered.

    Well lo and behold I drained the system and this time when refilling, I opened all the top floor rad valves. When I'd finished that and allowed the heat to run, it was slow but the rad did heat up. I don't know what it might have been but yea Mark I'd say the system isn't balanced very well.
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