One fuse for two flats, surely not right.

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    I posted last week about a customer having a problem with UK Power Networks after a burnt supply cable. UK Power Networks are still refusing any liability but the problem now is that in the property downstairs the main cut out isolates both downstairs and upstairs properties. Surely this isn't right?

    The main cut out shouldn't isolate both properties or am I wrong? I thought isolation had to be accessible so if its in downstairs property that's no right, plus if downstairs meter needs changing then they would turn off all of upstairs power. Anyone know a regulation I can quote to UK Power Networks to get them to change this and ultimately replace the cable in question of my last post?

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    Is this a house that's been converted in to flats.
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    Its two maisonettes, pretty sure they were purpose built as separate properties as virtually the whole street is.
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    There is a requirement for new connections that each supply point should have separate fusing, but it has not always been a requirement so DNO's are not required to upgrade an installation retrospectively to meet the new requirements. In my experience you have next to no hope of getting UKPN to do any work as they are trying to maximise profits and won't do anything they deem is unnecessary or not there responsibility.
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