Only fools and horses.

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Ind spark, Aug 10, 2023.

  1. Ind spark

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    Anyone else love this show?

    I watched 2 episodes today while having a break at work, it will never be beaten, brilliant acting, brilliant writing.

    Rodney on being a professional tennis player.
    "So what's your favourite rodney, grass or astroturf"
    Rodney, " not sure I've never smoked astroturf"

    Haha love it :D
  2. You stayed awake for 2 whole episodes? :eek::eek::eek:

    And that was one good break :p
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  3. My fave was when they were in the bar and the barman left the hatch up and Del fell flat out. Brilliantly acted.
  4. Ind spark

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    I asked myself if I could have a long break and I said yes :p
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  5. Ind spark

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    Yes, classic episode :)
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  7. Ind spark

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    Trigger remends me of bright spark o_O
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    John Sullivan wrote F&H worthy of top 3 GOAT, but which comedy of Croft and Perry do you rate not forgetting the classic Fawlty Towers ! Starts off mildly and ends in frenzy
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  9. bright_Spark

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    Think you mean boyce
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  10. Ind spark

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    I'm not familiar, name me a few
  11. Ind spark

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    No definitely Trigger :D
  12. Ind spark

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    I do love Fawlty Towers, apparently it's coming back, that's a big mistake me thinks.
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  13. Ind spark

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  14. bright_Spark

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    You mean Tigger from winnie the pooh
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  15. Ind spark

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    Lol, nice avatar wrong character but I like it
  16. arrow

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    You really farmer Boyce.
  17. For a good few years I lived in a village just north of Cardiff, Taffs Well. There was an ironmonger store there called Arthurs. Arthur was always well dressed, either a straw boater or some hat, small bow tie, jacket. He tried to retire so many times but nobody other than Arthur could find anything in the shop, and if he didn't have what you wanted, he could get it.

    I remember going in one day on the run up to Christmas. There was a young woman in front of me who explained she was just moving into a house in the village and she needed a mop and bucket. Arthur asked "Plastic bucket or galvanised?".

    "Galvanised please."

    "String mop or synthetic?"

    "String please".

    So Arthur served her and off she went.

    It turns out that the local midwife lived directly opposite the shop although there was no relationship other than neighbours. Apparently David Jason had visited the village for some reason, and that was where they got the idea for Open all hours, and having met Arthur it rings perfectly true.
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  18. Rulland

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    Unfortunately we'll never see the original episodes, the woke brigade has put paid to that!.
    Along with many other classics, please sir, one foot in the grave, there are numerous old school programs, and adverts, that are deemed as unsuitable for this generation, shame really, as people then treated humour as just that, today anything is taken as a personal attack, what a legacy we're leaving future generations eh? :(
  19. Mark DM

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    Absolutely top classic comedy
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