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    Hi everyone, first time post so apologies in advance.......

    I’m planning on opening up my existing fireplace and am looking for guidance re the lintels.

    My existing opening is 1000mm and we’re opening it up to 1500, so my lintels will be 1900 ish.

    The external wall is flush outside and the chimney breast sits inside the kitchen wall in an alcove.

    There appear to be three layers/rows/course of brick in the alcove - the first of which has the existing builders arch and will be the final finished wall, the internal two make up the shoulders of the inside of the chimney itself.

    The internal chimney slopes away up to the right, I assume to meet up with the fireplace/chimney in the living room through the wall, beside the kitchen.

    There’s a loft conversion bedroom above, no other chimney, then the gable end of the slate roof.

    I was planning on using 3 or 4, 2 x 2x4 nailed together as my needles with timbers/props underneath them on both sides.

    I wasn’t sure if strongboys would adequately support the middle row of brick?

    do you reckon I’m best supporting from both sides, or would it be okay supported internally only?

    There’s a concrete fireplace on the floor in the alcove, then 165x70 joists, and 22mm floorboards.

    I’m going to fit two lintels, one at the front and one against the back wall, but am now wondering if I need a third for the middle course of brick?

    Hopefully not, but I always massively over engineer everything I build!!

    it won’t let me upload any pictures just now, I’ll keep trying

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