Opinions please on patio repointing

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Boothros, May 23, 2022.

  1. Boothros

    Boothros New Member

    I've a small, slabbed yard which I intend to repoint before painting over, my only real constrictions being weather and time. I've studied two methods, dry brushing and directly applying wet mortar and to my mind, dry brushing appears to be considerably easier. Is their any particular disadvantage to dry brushing and if not, why do some builders go the the trouble of pointing with wet cement, please?
  2. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    The size of the gap between the slabs is a factor.
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  3. Boothros

    Boothros New Member

    They average 10 - 12 mm, Astramax
  4. koolpc

    koolpc Super Member

    I always did wet pointing myself.
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  5. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Not a wet mix as such...more damp than wet. Being damp it does not stain the slabs, put the mix into the grooves and compact it in with a piece of suitable thickness ply or suchlike works for me, once done a piece of hosepipe is as good as anything to finish the joint top neatly. ;)
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  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Wet pointing is vastly better but not WET. You want your mortar damp enough to just cling together like a snowball. You then fill the joint, tamp down and repeat. Iron the joint off. Wet mortar will stain the slabsm damp won't but you have the moisture in the mix so it can properly hydrate,
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