Opinions sought on new cordless drill/driver

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by simsybloke, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. simsybloke

    simsybloke Member

    Hi Folks,

    I've seen another recent post asking something similar, but my budget is, unfortunately, less than £100...

    I need to replace my cordless drill/driver. I'm a DIYer, not a pro. I'm looking for something a bit nore substanstial than I've had in the past, though it's for general purpose use.

    Notwithstanding the difference in price I'd apprciate any comments/observations on these two units that Screwfix are currently promoting...

    This one from Bosch http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=61833&talkProd61833=talkProd61833

    or this Makita one http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?slotName=HERO&ts=82807&p=x3&id=61609&homeRef=home#

    I've always had domestic Bosch in the past... how does makita compare with them generally?

    Thanks in anticipation,


  2. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    do you not need a drill with hammer action??
  3. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    if no hammer required, makita every time
  4. simsybloke

    simsybloke Member

    Thanks handyman...

    No I've already got a couple of corded hammer drills, an "ordinary", and a cheap SDS.

    Most of what I do is woodwork orientated so I don't really need/can't justify the expense of a cordless hammer... I just don't need it often enough.

    Appreciate your observations. Thanks.
  5. Chippy John

    Chippy John New Member

  6. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    I've been very impressed with a 36v drill Pro Power from B&Q for around £50 I think - it's given excellent servicce and the battery seems to last forever. At this price it doesn't need to be incredibly well made - if it breaks, you buy another one and you will still have saved money over a recognised brand!
  7. simsybloke

    simsybloke Member

    Thanks for the input chippyjohn and caveman.

    The one you've suggested and linked to cj is out of my price range however.

    Caveman, though I appreciate your points, and I have had some stuff from B&Q that was acceptable, too much hasn't been.

    I'm also keen on the 1 hour charge time and spare batteries.

    Thanks anyway folks.


  8. Gusset

    Gusset New Member

    Check out the 'Worx' drill in homebase and argos. 18v is about £60 at the moment, 2 batteries, 1 hr charge, nicely built and so far (6 months fairly steady DIY use) no complaints. 3yr guarantee too.
  9. Gusset

    Gusset New Member

    Should also mention that in my experience the 'performance power' stuff in B&Q is a good but let down by seriously short lived and crappy batteries.
  10. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    I use a 12v makita puerly for screws and find it good however if posss splash out on the bosch 24v combi. The bosch blue range tools tend to be very robust - my 24v fell 20' from a scafold tower and sustained no damage.

    Regards Paul
  11. gardm1nt

    gardm1nt New Member

    did not read all of post so forget bit about going for a combi - stick with the makita

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