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    Yet in many of your posts, you seem to be of a politically correct nature DA (or at least, seem to have fallen into the PC brigades mindset)
  2. joinerjohn1

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    Oft said that "Those who can do,, Those who can't, teach." ;);)
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  3. Genuine answer for you, JJ.

    'Political Correctness' (no idea where the term came from) was born from a desire to make society better. To cut out the bigotry, the racism, the sexism, the nastiness. To make us all equal as humans.

    So, yes, I am a 'PC' fellow.

    The point I made in the post above - as I really really hope you know, JJ (please tell me you understand this - pleeeeez) - is that the fear of causing offence, or being perceived as being racist, seems to have held back investigations into some Asian communities.

    'PC gorn mad' in other words.

    But - again, please agree with me if you understand this point - this does not mean that Political Correctness itself is a bad thing. 'Cos it certainly ain't.

    Going too far the 'other' way is.
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  4. parahandy

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    My sister's a teacher and she's genuinely as thick as pig kak.

    Anyways, I watched this and was astonished to learn that wealthy British slave owners (including our current PMs ancestors apparently) were awarded the equivalent of £18billion as Government compensation after the abolition of slavery in 1833.

    It seems that the British elite have always been well looked after.
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  5. miss pickle

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    Was just curious :D chust wasn't sure what you meant ;)
  6. Yep.

    Sadly Political Correctness doesn't reach as far as equalising us to that extent.

    Those that had, still have. And pass it on to their chinless wonders.
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  7. chippie244

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    Come the revolution!
  8. miss pickle

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    She's my wing woman smiley-dance003.gif you got two of us to poke up with now :p

  10. chippie244

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    I think predictive text had a faustian moment there.
  11. Phil the Paver

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    Go on Wolfie. :D
  12. proby

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    Sadly no invention and reading your ramblings I doubt very much you bettered any body's life but your own.
  13. joinerjohn1

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    Thing is DA, PC has already gone too far. If as you say it's holding the authorities back from proper investigations into certain ethnic minorities (for fear of appearing racist) Perhaps I look at this particular situation too simply.. They have broken the law. They should be arrested and taken to court. The authorities shouldn't make any exceptions for them (even at the investigation stage).
    Yet quite a few times in the press/media, we hear that the police have to virtually tread on eggshells in their dealings with criminals of some ethnic/religious minorities. In some cases they can't use police dogs because of the religious beliefs of those under investigation. Therefore PC is a bad thing. It has caused these situations, whereby authorities fail to act quickly enough.
    A simple example from where I live.. I was walking up a road and there were cars (with Asian occupants) parked on double yellow lines. Another car parked in front of them (still on double yellows) A chap got out (happened to be white) and ran across the road , into a pharmacy. Came out after about a minute with (what was obviously a prescription) A traffic warden was already writing a ticket out. The chap explained that he'd parked there just to pick up this emergency prescription for a family member. Traffic warden ignored his pleas. He then asked if the traffic warden was going to ticket the 3-4 cars parked behind him. Traffic warden explained that "It's more than my jobs worth to put tickets on "their" cars."
    This was several years ago now, but makes my earlier point.. On that day every car that was parked on double yellows should have got a ticket (or none of those cars should have got one) We can't ever have equality in this country when this sort of thing happens (and this is just parking tickets, not organised crime)
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  14. Modesty prevents me from informing you that the average A-C pass rate of my GCSE Electronics classes was 93%, with one year having them all pass.

    (Damn - soz...)

    And your contribution to humanity? To amuse us.

    I also note you haven't mentioned all the other teachers you claim to know who 'frighten' you with their arrogance.

    (Cue: Probes inventing some names... :rolleyes: )

    You utterly pathetic liar.
  15. Ryluer

    Ryluer Well-Known Member

    New labour dumbing down no doubt. The same beloved new labour you voted for.[​IMG]

    Though of course your main objective there was a pay rise. LoL.
    Bet your glad to be pulling a big gold plated pension now, now that the tories are in power?
  16. miss pickle

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    I've contributed lots to animals :) coz thats all i've ever done :oops: does that count? :)

  17. I always worry when people reply with "The thing is..." It's like they are trying to pretend they accept the issue - before going on to try and diss' it with an excuse that's not their own fault.

    Look, JJ, for pity's sakes, man, we are human. Have human weaknesses. Are ignorant. That traffic warden (of course we have to accept your versions of these events...) is a twit. He ought to be fired. He ain't doing his job.

    Full stop.

    Easy, huh?

    But, really, really really - is that the best you can do to diss' the HUGE issue of 'Political Correctness'?!

    I know that all you roughtie tougtie, salt of t'earth types, the core of Britain etc etc like to yawn at Pol Corr 'cos it's for namby-pamby softies like sandal-wearing me, but it is a 'good thing'.

    If it's abused by some, then shoot the abuser. (And it is abused by many, I agree.)

    Don't shoot the actual issue itself.
  18. HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :confused:

    (Wipes tears from eyes, and puts soothing cream on thigh wot has been thoroughly slapped.)

    Chryst, you don't even have a sense of humour, Ry.

    But like everything else, you try and pretend (to yourself mainly) that you do with LOTS of LOLs!!!!!!
  19. miss pickle

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    Who's Wolfie phil ? smiley-signs068.gif
  20. proby

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    No lies and I would never mention names yes they were and still are very smart in theoretical things but in general and in practical things outside there field quite lacking. As for my contribution to humanity just a normal dad grandad husband with as many failings as the next man and don't pretend any different.
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