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  1. Possibly. But unlikely. Certainly not these days.

    By all accounts fear of being accused of 'institutional racism' (which does exist) has gotten in the way of some very serious crimes, crimes as serious as crimes can be. And those responsible for treading too carefully and not making the investigations they should should be smacked very hard indeed. It's pathetic.

    But the overlying issue still remains - I wouldn't like to be a black or Asian person even in this relatively fair country, and certainly not in the US.

    But, if I were black, I'd move in next to Probes :)
  2. Phil the Paver

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  3. Phil the Paver

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    About 20/25 years ago, where does the time go, a friend of mine became a Met Police officer, after serving 9 years, in think, in the Army.

    Anyhow after 18 months or so of the Police he resigned due to what I said at the time was racism, back then not really talked about, certainly not like today.

    He said that they were told to stop every single black male that appeared to have money, smart clothes, smart cars, etc.

    Now the trouble today is it has gone completely the opposite way, as far as stop and search goes, you are now deemed racist for even approaching a black male without a 100% certainty they have done something wrong, this is now leading to more crime being carried out by blacks, knowing there's a good chance of not being caught.

    Does it need to go back to the old days, absolutely not, but it needs to be even across the boards, be you Black, White, Asian or something in between, if there's anything to suggest you've been involved in crime, you should been investigated for it regardless of creed or colour.
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  4. miss pickle

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    Good morning phil ;) have a good day at work darling :p
  5. miss pickle

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    Your quiet today dev :)

  6. Tsk, it's "you're"... :rolleyes:
  7. See? I bet you wish I was still quiet... :p
  8. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah :D I still haven't got the hang of that "you're" :rolleyes:
  9. "You're quiet today..." is short for "You are quiet today..." (which is what I reckon you wanted to say), with the ' taking the place of the missing 'a'.

    "Your", on t'other hand, means that something belongs to someone; "this is your dilithium crystal".

    So, "Your quiet today, devs..." actually seemed to suggest that the 'quiet' belonged to me today.

    So, thanks for the 'quiet'.

    I'll go now...
  10. parahandy

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    STOP!....................GRAMMAR TIME!
  11. miss pickle

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    Yeah. That's what I meant. I was saying I was gonna give you some peace today :D

    I've been busy working :) can't believe how much easier that zinerrs (or whatever its called) primer has made my life. Its great to paint over!!!
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    Ha! Very good para ;)

  13. Cool! So you were spot on in t'first place :)
  14. miss pickle

    miss pickle Well-Known Member

    Yeah :D that's why I listen to you ;)

    Never doubted it for a second dev :rolleyes:
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    Miss Pickle has had a makeover I see:):D
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    Still looks too much like DA
  17. Ryluer

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    Absolute rubbish.
    Destroy yourself and your family? Are you on drugs?
    The Catholic and Islamic faiths and their followers are CHUST fine and dandy.
    It's a shame your bitterness against these great institutions of goodness and kindness make you a such a *
    Hope you never take up teaching again with beliefs like those..

    Edited due to unsuitable language
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  18. proby

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    I did post a reply DA but it's been deleted nothing nasty or or anything but obviously the moderator is like you and doesn't think I should have a say.
  19. miss pickle

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    Pete is back on duty then? smiley-scared004.gif I'm being good tonight pete smiley-eatdrink014.gif

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