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    On thursday i purchased 2 15kg tubs of tile adhesive from screwfix to tile my bath room.I got the bathroom tiled on friday and wanted to start grouting today but to my dismay the tiles started falling off the wall..After a little research i checked the date on the tubs which read 01/12/14.4 months out of date!!.

    I have spent today removing all the tiles and adhesive Not happy!. I want to no where i stand with this with screwfix?

    A very unhappy screw fix customer

  2. Is this ready-mix or cement type? Any idea what normal shelf-life it has?

    If it's anything like a year, then I'd lay odds that something else has gone amiss like applying the adhesive to an absorbent surface that sucked all the moisture out of it.

    Last week I ate a 'corner' yoghurt that was 2 months past its 'best before'. And that only a had a couple of month's shelf-life to begin with - so a full 100% extended life. It was yummy and I'm still alive...

    Where do you stand? Hopefully not on the bathroom floor 'cos these falling tiles can be dangerous.

    Ok, ok - soz. I suspect SF will replace that adhesive without question - whether or not you can show it was actually faulty. Or it even was.
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    Hi @chippy dave

    If you have any problems with any Screwfix purchase please email online@screwfix.com or call us 24/7 on 03330 112 112 and our customer service team will assist

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    Hi I have had the exact same issue with every grout I ordered.


    Special offer on, so I bought 3 15kg tubs.
    Stuff never set in blazing summer conditions. All lifted had not set even on tile. Floor was just same condition after 5 days drying in heat of 25 degrees plus.
    Would never set.

    All tiles had to lifted.

    I ordered one more just to be sure.
    On examination at counter.
    I showed the manager the out of date had expired.
    Explained this had happened many time's not just an accident.

    Manager told me to take up issue with screwfix.
    Email sent with pictures of expired date. three days ago, no reply to date.
    Phoned customer service and complained again.

    Was told a manager would call.
    Still waiting..

    Always check use by date.
    Asked the manager to check his stock.
    Produced own brand no nonsense, with expiry date running out month's in advance.

    That worked in a day. As normal.

    Very dissatisfied customer

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    It's worth remembering the date on the bags/tubs are the manufacture date ;)

    Shelf life is about 12 months.
  6. Dirty

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    Lol so your saying I have a tub that has been manufactured in the future..

    My other tub say's next month.

    I understand like beer it's mostly labeled the date of manufacture..

    Hence the reason I stated the future date.

    Ready mix has life span of 6 to max 12 month's, wouldn't use anything after the expiry date.. Why take the risk ?

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