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  1. zider

    zider New Member

    visited trade counter today for a box of 4 inch screws,
    sorry out of stock, assistant just laughed when she told me this , as a regular, it happens nearly every time i try at S F.
    now not a regular customer.
    so i drove to TOOLSTATION counter 4 miles away .you guesed it , yes sir how many boxes, and cheaper.
    S.F. do not care. so why should i
    Also! they say they will price promise others prices.
    I found a cenment mixer cheaper at B & Q. but when i asked them to match the price, they said NO! it was a special price and they do not match this.
  2. wtf m8

    wtf m8 New Member

    why do you ***** and moan av u no other life other than to place feed bak on screw forum
  3. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    wtf m8 ...Loz is back?
  4. Everhard Threlfall

    Everhard Threlfall New Member

    that was a very good move, do it more often
  5. D.A Harvey Dent

    D.A Harvey Dent New Member

    Outrageous as D.A i will engage this crisis an get to the bottom of it wiv bat man
  6. Roki

    Roki New Member

    My local TC is Cambridge, there are two people in there who ARE helpful, all the rest are the "why the %^&$ should i care, i get paid whatever". I ALWAYS phone the counter to check first.

    Everytime something is out of stock, they say "well we can get it for tomorrow", i reply "me to, i'll go online"!

    if they do have the item in stock, they 9 times out 10 bring the wrong thing out, 'cos "it was on the wrong shelf" (ordered an SDS bit, got presented with a bag of 15mm brass t-joints!!!).

    And when you do get there, you can sure be the only person, and it still takes 20 minutes, 'cos they're are standing about chattin' or you can here them pi%$^ng about out the back.

    Cambridge should have a few visits from mystery shoppers from H/O!!! at least they might buck their ideas up for a short time.
  7. Tony_montana

    Tony_montana New Member

    Everything is out of stock and screwfix its a common fault. And latest news has it that they havent got any screws left so guess what, screwfix will soon be call gluefix.
  8. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

  9. Semajx

    Semajx New Member

    or phone ahead... saves time and disappointment

    apparently the factory's in China that supplied the screws for Screwfix got shutdown because of the Olympics or something :S but i have been reassured there sorting it out? let's hope so
  10. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    or phone ahead... saves time and disappointment


    It's Screwfix's job to hold stock.

    I'm the customer, I expect it to be in stock!
  11. Semajx

    Semajx New Member

    ok so screwfix claim they have 10k items, if a TC held lets say 10 of each items then it would be 100,000 units, do you REALLY expect a small TC to hold that much..... honestly?

    they do offer next day delivery i believe, which i know isn't always helpful, but as i have already said if in item is that important where you defiantly need it for that day then just phone up. simple :)
  12. dddd

    dddd New Member

    Out of stock is a regular thing at Screwfix. They list things online that you simply cannot buy from them. Useless.
  13. dddd

    dddd New Member

    Try a "Low to High" price search for LED GU10 bulbs. Most of the first 20 products are not even available. It's a waste of time looking. Screwfix really need a filter button for "Items in stock at your local store".
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  14. Timbo66

    Timbo66 Active Member

    Bit like the price breaks.
    Cheaper price for 3, only got 2 in stock.
  15. greenback78

    greenback78 Active Member

    Lots of new members here. Wonder if they have similar IP addresses... ?
  16. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Not new members - the opposite in-fact

    Look at the dates on the posts :)
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