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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Ben48, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Ben48

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    Am fairly new to plumbing most I have done is a few taps while back, I was planning on getting this kit here:


    I would rather not go around cutting into my main water supply pipes (cold/hot) so was thinking can I install
    1 X 15mm COMPRESSION TEE with EASY TURN ISOLATING VALVE that comes with the above tap kit to the end of this isolation valve if I disconnect the cold water tap hose. That way I can connect the old cold water hose and new garden tap hose to the new compression tee with easy turn valve.


    Its possible that is the way to do it or not?

    I am also getting some quotes from local plumbers but they appear busy lately so was thinking of giving it a go.
  2. dcox

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    I don’t think Fixthebog are quite right about their kit meeting water regs. If it’s a new outside tap installation it should have the check valve inside rather than built into the tap.

    The tee looks good and putting it where the iso valve is currently would be ok. Just have a short stub of pipe coming up from the new tee into a new flat faced iso valve, then reconnect your cold tap hose. To connect your outside tap to the tee branch with the lever isolation valve run a piece of copper tube with a double check valve along the run then elbow on to the new pipe with the backplate running through the wall. Some plumbers would also include a drain off after the check valve so that section of pipe could be drained down in winter to avoid any risk of freezing and splitting.
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  3. Ben48

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    thanks much appreciated
  4. exbg

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    The word "Proffesional" is a misnomer here. The kit is clearly designed as a NEW install. As Ben points out, that tap is specifically not allowed - it has a built in double check valve. Apart from being an infringement, they are USELESS, and will fail within a couple of seasons of frost. Aditionally, although often ignored, it is a REQUIREMENT that a drain cock is fitted at all low points

    Go to a plumbing outlet on Amazon, or BES.co.uk and search for each of the components, ensuring the tap is compliant, plus a DCV.

    The problem with the tap flexi going straight on to the tee is that the Tee connection may have a a face that bites into the washer - it should be flat faced, so use a 1/2 x 15mm compression connector with a flat face - but you may struggle to find one, try a "proper" plumbers merchants.

    I would replace the iso tee (which may well be low quality, subject to seizing and leaking through spindle) with a lever valve, and standard tee, utilising two short stubs plus connector. It is then easier to locate the connection to the flexi in a suitable position, you must be careful not to kink the flexi.
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  5. Ben48

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    thanks much appreciated for replies, I did speak to a plumber whose been in the game for a while and mentioned these taps with built in double check valves are not really meeting water regs and he laughed at the notion and said so why are the companies selling these taps then ?

    I didn't have a reply to that one ;) but he insisted no separate double check valve is required.

    I will get a few more quotes in the bag
  6. dcox

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    You can only fit a tap with built in check valve if it’s replacing a tap in an existing installation.
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  7. exbg

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    With respect, your laughing plumber sounds like he belongs in a rodeo.

    Lots of things are legal to sell, but not to use in the most commonly required setting. Probably the most topical example being motorised e-scooters.

    Above all, built in DCV’s are useless, and fail with the frost. On a new install an internal DCV absolutely IS required.

    At the end of the day, the choice is yours - all we can do is advise.
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  8. Kas228

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    It doesn’t make too much sense though does it, it’s ok to replace like for like but not on a new install.
    Not saying it’s wrong but what’s the thinking behind that reg.
    Do the water companies have someone going round checking outdoor taps, and how on earth would the inspector ever know if it was a ‘new’ install or not. And when does new become old
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  9. exbg

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    Regs are generally not retrospective.

    You are right though, there are no Stopcock Wardens or Police. That does not make it correct to do things wrongly just to save a few bob or make it easier. The built in DCV WILL more often than not fail.

    But the OP came here for advice, the correct advice has been offered, they can do what they will with it.

    An “old” one, as far as this is concerned, is one fitted before the rule change - a date that I will not try to remember.

    But I would avoid a “plumber” who does not know the most basic of requirements
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  10. Ben48

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    I forgot to say this plumber also knew I had no tap ever present in my garden since I told him, he quoted me for 2 jobs garden tap install and new stop cock tap install £170 labour only but no idea if this is a good price or not since the other plumbers not got back to me yet.

    Appreciate the advice, I actually used the whole double check value thing as a query to plumbers to see if they are good so naturally I would not use this guy.
  11. exbg

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    The price is not extortionate, but obviously depends on your geographical location and the actual work required.
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