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Discussion in 'Project Photos' started by SeanQuigley, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Hi Guys, Looking at creating a modern, box section type of cladding for a kitchen extension as per sample in picture. Would love aluminium but can't seem to find the right section I want which is 3x3 square section with every other one being about 1 x 3 section to create the shadow gaps. I was thinking of just using CLS and pInting and sealing it the same colour as the browny aluminium doors in the photo. Any thoughts on timber, way to do it or paint sealer to use. Comments would be appreciated. IMG-20200401-WA0005.jpeg
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    If you choose the CLS route best to treat it with a clear wood preservative that also offers wet rot, dry rot, woodworm infestation etc and can be painted over when cured (circa 24 - 48 hours). Go water based for a flexible paint such as Dulux Trade Opaque or Sadolin Superdec both excellent products and available in a wide choice of colours.
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    YouTube may be of interest to you regarding the two paint products I recommended.:)

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