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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Steve W82, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Steve W82

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    I have a new build house with the wiring all set for an outdoor light. 3 core + earth. I have the switch powered up no problem, it's an L1 L2 COM switch. With the 2 live wires, does 1 go in L1 and 1 go in L2? Also on the actual light there is only a Live, Earth and Neutral plugs (not sure the technical name) so does the black and the brown both go in the live hole? I can get the light working by just running both lives through the L1 hole and the live hole on the light but cannot figure out how to get the PIR working. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to mock also.
  2. PandA3

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    If its a normal switch then you wire L1 and COM (and if the switch physically looks upside down when you've finished then swap to L2 and COM)
    Without seeing the connections of the light, if it only has LNE then the PIR must be permanently part of the circuit. So you've bought a light that only works by PIR and you cant manually switch it On when you want.
    The Black and Brown at the light. One will be from the switch and one will be permanent live. You need to identify which one is from the switch.
    Then you have a choice of how you want the light to work.
    If you still want to control it from the switch then the permanent live is not required in your case so put it into a connector block and tape it up safely.
    Then wire the switched Live only to L on the light.
    Hope that helps
    P.s The only Mocking will be directed at me, as I didn't tell you to call an electrician!
  3. Steve W82

    Steve W82 New Member

    cheers. It’s wired at the minute to only work via the switch and not the PIR so I will keep it that way. I hear the PIR’s break pretty quickly anyway. Thanks for help

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