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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by freddy198, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

    just moved into new property.

    Doing the usual thing of fixing everything the last owner was either too lazy or incapable of doing!

    The outside tap does not work at all, the isolation valve is open but no water at all.

    Other than a isolation valve hidden elsewhere what else could be the cause?

  2. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    is it connected?, there's no other reason, unles the isolation is siezed shut, is it a gate valve ?
  3. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    Your 1st point of action is to try & pay the water bill that the last owner 4got or failed to pay:(

    see, he was incapable & too lazy to pay his water bill. so, the undertaker cut supply off.
  4. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

    Just a 15mm compression isolation valve, so cant see this being the problem, turns ok.

    All taps in house ok.
  5. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    when you say it turns,,is it a 'stoptap' ? is the arrow in it pointing the right way ? they wont work the wrong way, or if its a gate valve, red circular head, these can break inside, and even though they turn, the gubbins inside is't lifting the lock gates, :)
  6. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

    Dont know what a stop tap is?

    Outside tap is I believe called a bib tap.

    Valve is 15mm compression, arrow in the correct direction!
  7. plumber carl

    plumber carl New Member

    there are two reasons theres no water most likely its a double check vavle one,, and the Frost earlier this year as pushed the internals falward that will be the most lily cause just renew the tap.... second if its a self cutting tap it will just be blocked ,,you will know if its self cutting it will have two screws holding it to the pipe like it bolted on to the inside pipe
  8. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    As said unscrew the tap - if you're wet then that's your problem.

    BTW the water undertaker isn't allowed to cut off the supply for non-payment. ;)
  9. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    well imran, am i not allowed to have a bit of fun (if I am bored:^O)?? I even ventured into the Builders Talk Forum.

    C'mon, if the undertaker had disconected his supply, I'm sure it wont only be his outside tap that goes dry? I give up. I'm just no good:(
  10. freddy198

    freddy198 Member


    Finally got round to removing the tap and to my surprise and annoyance there was just a dribble of water.

    Traced back the pipe after removing plinth and see that it is a branch off the pipe running to the boiler, that's working fine.

    So the only two things it could be is the 15mm compression Iso valve, although this does turn so find this difficult to believe this is the reason.

    The other is a brass fitting above the compression valve looks like an ordinary coupler but has an arrow on it which is a bit surprising (arrow in right direction).

    Any ideas what this is??
  11. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    It is a ( compulsory) check valve. It may need replacing. Just because and isolation valve turns on the outside does not mean its turning on the inside! Stop farting around, turn the water off and replace both valves.
  12. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

    Thanks Mr Brown

    Will get onto it.

    Do i really need to put in another check valve? Who says it's compulsory?

    Can you not get a bib tap with a check valve inside?

  13. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Water Regs!

    "Outside tap installations must have a inline double check valve fitted inside the building after the isolation valve. This type of valve prevents contaminated water being siphoned back into the drinkingwater supply. "

    Nice hefty fines if you don't and you get caught ;)
  14. Footies

    Footies New Member

    Gosh, there's signs up on lamposts around these parts;
    "Outside tap fitted £40"!!

    Wonder why anyone would not just employ the services of a Plumber to sort it out, £40!! as cheap as chips!!
  15. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

    Coz I can do it for a Lady!! A saving of £35, which ain't bad as we are in a period of austerity!!
  16. Footies

    Footies New Member

    Oh I see, and you are hoping this will carry favour with 'erindoors & you'll get yer legover tonight eh??!!
    Hope she ain't got 'the painters in'!!.....:^O
  17. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    I'm not sure Freddie can do it! He's been wittering on about this simple little job for several days now.....
  18. freddy198

    freddy198 Member

  19. Juan Kerr

    Juan Kerr New Member

    Nice work fella!!
  20. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Very nice! ...and how many years did that take?

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