Over zealous use of the term 'high integrity' when describing consumer units

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    I wish to draw Screwfix's marketing departments attention to misleading and erroneous descriptions of consumer units in the Screwfix range.

    I cite one example, there are too many to list. The Schneider dual RCD item 2777P is wrongly listed as being high integrity. It does not have a third busbar section where RCBOs can be placed outside of the the RCD protected banks of mcbs on the dual busbar arrangement. I would recommend that you closely examine all of your consumer unit descriptions to identify where the use of the high integrity description has been wrongly used. It appears to me that you just throw in the term willy nilly because you don't understand what it means. For a high integrity consumer unit it MUST have a separate (usually third but can be more) compartment within the unit where RCBOs or mcbs can be used separate from the dual RCD arrangements alongside. This third section is usually next to the main switch where no RCD protection is afforded to allow the use of individual circuit performance either with (RCBO) or without (mcb) RCD protection. It is sometimes necessary to have this option. Your product 2042P, the 2+5+5 CU is a good example of what is a high integrity CU and it is correctly described as such. Please would you sort this out because it makes a mockery of the system. It is misleading because the term has a sort of enhanced marketing feel to it which suggests it is somehow superior to have it. It is not. It just refers to a different type of CU and you are clearly over using the term.

    Thank you for listening.

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