Overcharged by Gas Engineer - help ?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Ryan Lintott, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    A few weeks ago there was a similar story from the same company.
    They've been on Rogue Traders, and their (real) Trust Pilot reviews make interesting reading.
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  2. FlyByNight

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  3. Hager the Horrible

    Hager the Horrible Active Member

    At that hourly rate the bloke is on over £400k a year!
  4. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Screwfix Select

    Dont see why BG should expect you to pay this rip off bill, I would refuse to pay it and let BG sort it, I mean not everyone would have that kind of money spare
  5. adgjl

    adgjl Active Member

    It is probably in the small print of BG’s Service Contract.
  6. BiancoTheGiraffe

    BiancoTheGiraffe Screwfix Select

    There was a bloke on here a month or so ago saying that the plumber had claimed to replace a pump but clearly hadn't done the job...

    We told him to report it, but he wouldn't... That got charged to BG...
  7. CrispyP

    CrispyP New Member

    Pass the invoice on to BG to pay directly rather than you paying it yourself.

    Can you prove your own movements (e.g. a shop receipt etc)? Just a thought as could help. I think it's reasonable for them to charge from when they first arrived to when they last left if they were just dealing with your job and not having lunch or the like. £189+ per hour is pretty tasty though. Some big companies add a 'handling charge' to expenses as well which could explain that.

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