Overpainting putty around windows

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    I need to redo the putty around the windows in my concrete shed. The last lot (not sure if it was done by my dad or the house's previous owner) was not painted and has started to crack and fall out. I've read it needs overpainting but needs to be an oil based paint. But so many of the paints like the ronseal ones all seem to be water based. I only need a tiny amount just to go round the putty on 3 windows - can anyone suggest where you can find small tins of oil based exterior paint (do screwfix do any as I could only find water based or a few large cans of oil based), is there a specific one I need to get, do I need to use a primer too, or are there any other, preferably more environmentally friendly, alternatives to treat the putty instead of oil based paint?
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    Oil based would be best over linseed oil based putty after leaving it a couple of weeks to start hardening and skin over. Usual to Prime, undercoat and then gloss. Should be able to get oil based in 0.75lt tins from DIY outlets. Satin paints can be used as both undercoat and top coat so if you want white then maybe something like this

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    Thank you. This is the putty I was going to get, I'm not sure if its linseed oil based as it doesn't mention it - https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonse...kg/6462d#product_additional_details_container

    Is there another option for going round windows? I saw someone mention using Top Gun glazing putty and that it's water based so could use a water based paint over it afterwards (I already have exterior water based paint I could use). Just a bit frustrating having to get 3 tins of paint as I'm only going to use a tiny bit out of each tin and the rest will go to waste.
  4. Astramax

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    Look at Repair Care Glazing Sealant as this can be overpainted with water base paints.
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    Thank you. I'll have a look
  6. DIYDave.

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    Bedec Barn Paint is happy to go over oil based putty and the paint is water based

    Call up Bedec in the morning and express an interest in their Barn Paint, you’ve never used it before ,,,,, right ?

    They will even send you a free sample to try out - who knows, may even be enough paint for these 3 windows :)

    Obvs oil based putty needs several weeks to dry out prior to painting - this depends on ambient temps but seems to be getting warmer - in-between the rain !! :eek:
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  7. Astramax

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    Any water base paint will go over dried/cured oil based putty and that does include Bedec products that also does require the putty to have cured.
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    That's great. Thank you :)

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