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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by st, Mar 26, 2004.

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    i have done a quick search but cant find any info on this - apologies if this question gets asked every week.

    I have just had new wooden sash windows installed - they look very nice so naturally i want to screw them up by trying to paint em myself. Finances make this my only option.

    They have a sort of pink primer on them at the moment.

    I would like to paint them gloss white i guess - what undercoat should i use ?

    or do i not need one if they are primed ?

    I have seen grey coloured undercoats and light ones - wouldnt dark grey undercoat show through ?

    what about the sills and stuff - they arent primed ?

    cheers for any advice
  2. Dewy

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    undercoats are intended to build up the depth of colour before applying the final gloss coat.
    Dark undercoat for dark colours & light undercoat for light colours.
    It's pointless using a dark undercoat for white top coat.
  3. Plumbcrazy

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    Generally the primer coat on windows bought primed only is not ready to simply paint over, it often has many drips and runs, being a dull flat paint finish imperfections don't show up too easily. Sort these out very carefully as once the undercoat and gloss finish is applied these imperfections will be amplified big time when it's nice and shiny. Don't apply the gloss coat 'till the undercoated finish is perfectly uniform white, if it's not chances are you will still see it through the gloss (unless it's top quality gloss). Take care not to get paint on the window foam seals/brush seals, take your time in the prep. Good luck ST (don't scrimp on paint quality, it's false economy).

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