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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Carrotol, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Is it OK to paint over hardboard on walls. I have a small area of wall, probably about 3sq metres, that should probably be plastered (very rough and bumpy). I've been quoted £130 so thought I could put hardboard over it instead and paint it.
  2. Yes, emulsion paint will go straight on to hardboard.

    Not sure it's the best solution to your bumpy wall, but I guess it'll work. How will you disguise the joins?

    You can get rolls of a thickish (3mm) insulated 'paper' which is ideal for putting over poor wall surfaces, and which will butt-up neatly together and provide a good surface for painting.

    'Thermorock' or summat like that I think - it's mentioned on a few threads on here, but not sure what the search terms could be.

    Other peeps will hopefully be able to name the product for you.
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  3. Carrotol

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    Thank you. I will look at thermorock. I was planning on filling then lightly sanding the joins on hardboard
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    The products are.


    Both very good but expensive, in particular the thermal as you need a special adhesive.

    To be honest £130 and job done is the best option! :)

    Hard board unless securely bonded to the wall (lots of expensive adhesive like sticks like **** or CT1) also the plaster must be sound to fix on, it will also tend warp slightly when painted one side and the filler will crack out in time.
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    Thank you

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