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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jmvelectrical, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    Morning all

    I've been contacted by a customer who owns a body shop. He has asked for a quote to install 'some kind' of lighting in their body shop as the only lighting that they have at the moment are 3 tube lights, approximately 15ft directly above them which do not give much light. the other problem is that, as most of their work is to the side panels of the vehicles, all that the current lighting provide are shadows where they are trying to work. I have recommended installing wall mounted flood lights (6 x 50w). My question is, would this be sufficient for their needs?

    The space that they work in is approximately 10 x 15 meters.

  2. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    LED lighting is the way to go, cool running lights, no heat, no flicker.

    Junair,they do spraybooths,bodyshops,etc,way, way over your budget,but they now offer led fluorescent lighting new or retro fitted either 500 lux or 750 lux & offers excellent colour rendition which is important.
  3. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    Thanks for that KIAB. I agree with LED lighting. Sorry, I should have said that. I was planning to install 6 50w led floods.

    In regards to the retrofit lamps, I would still have to worry about the shadowing effect.
  4. Phil Hyde

    Phil Hyde Active Member

    6 x 50 floods would be bloody bright if you looked at them on a side wall. Think I'd be more inclined to go for LED battens.
  5. Hi JMV.

    There must be tons of info on this on t'net? You want to get it as 'right' as possible.

    I dunno, but I'd have thought that a bunch of 50W floodlights mounted on the wall will be pretty dazzling.

    Yes, you want some lighting at body panel height, shinning at a lowish angle along the panels so's you can see any imperfections, but I reckon you'd also want some light from almost behind you shinning more straight-on to the work?

    Perhaps even stand-mounted lamps would be the ideal setup? Or a mix of both?

    But I don't think I'd concentrate a few 50W lamps firing down from one direction 'cos any glance at them and ye be blinded, mon.
  6. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    LED Explosion Proof battens, a lot of flammable solvents & vapours in a bodyshop.

    Should have been clearer about retro fitting, Junair replaces your old fittings with their LED Battens, or design a complete new system.
  7. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    Can you tell that this is the first time of using this forum. Again, I should have been clearer. I wasn't intending on banking 6 floods at head height all together. My plan was to have 3 on opposite walls at about 2.5 meters high. Are you suggesting that I use led batten fittings instead?
  8. All I know is I have a cheapie 10W LED FL in my garage to light up my workbench - once glance into that and I'm not seeing proper for a goodly few seconds.

    I can't imagine glancing into a 50W jobbie and doing a decent paint job... :)
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  9. Phil Hyde

    Phil Hyde Active Member

    Yeah understood what your plan was but think it would be blinding if you turn round and look in to them. Would think Led battens would be better. But check on colour rendition.
  10. Try YoutTube - lots of stuff on there (but lots of dodgy stuff too... :rolleyes:)

    I notice Jay Leno has chust got himself a ready-made paint booth and it looks like diffused lighting panels running along the top of the side walls where the walls join the ceiling, and aiming down at around 45o so both sides of the vehicle are bathed in this. Then there's lower wall-mounted diffused lighting too.

    There must be the ideal info out there - deee-deeee-deee-doooo.
  11. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Couldn't think of the word earlier, the fittings need to be vapour proof, your looking at tubes between 4000k & 5000k nearer to 5000k I would say, gives you a white light without the blue tinge that can affect lamps above 5000k.
  12. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    What about something like this?

    LAP Weatherproof Twin LED Batten 46W 4760Lm 5ft
  13. Very possibly. I dunno...

    One other thing that did pop out, tho', was the colour of white that's best - seems you should be looking at 'daylight' which is, er, um, around, oooh, y'know...
  14. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Some of our resident sparks will spot this thread this evening & come up with something suitable for your job, market is changing all the time, new products are coming out, especially in LED lighting, & I don't keep up to date with changes, now semi retired.

    Not a fan of LAP products myself,

    DA: Daylight around 5000K:)
  15. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    Above 4600k. point taken.
  16. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Should be ok with 5000k with led's I reckon, there always will be slight varitions between LED tubes brands.
  17. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    Yeah. I'll have a proper look tonight. Like you said, hopefully later someone will know exactly what to go with and save me all the ballache of looking. Everyone seems to forget how much time it takes a spark to price these jobs up, with no guarantee of getting the work. Who ever said that we are over paid needs to spend a month doing it.
  18. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    In a spray booth I have just recently fitted retro fit LED lamps into the existing recessed light fittings in the booth, but supplemented with IP rated JCC LED fluorescent fittings around the wall, approx 2 ft from the floor. They had asked for these as most work is on the sides of cars, so the lights above are pointless.
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  19. jmvelectrical

    jmvelectrical New Member

    have you got a link to any of those fittings? I would be interested to see them.
  20. Phil Hyde

    Phil Hyde Active Member

    Don't think vapour proof is applicable just in the body shop. Only spray booth!

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