Painting floorboards - slithers vs paintable silicone vs pva & sawdust

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by TGull, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. TGull

    TGull Member

    Morning all,

    As some may know I have been undertaking a massive water based underfloor heating system job.

    When I took up the floorboards there were wooden slithers which I had to take out (they were nailed in so caused issues). Now once down there are gaps. I'm guessing largest is 10mm but that's quite rare.

    I'm guessing most rooms will want to be painted, but I like the option of sanding / varnish down the line.

    Just wondering which everyone would recommend doing?

    • Slithers = I'm guessing slithers would be the best option, but quite timely?
    • Silicone = I'm guessing will be easiest but most expensive, and non stainable for varnish?
    • PVA = Guess is the most messy but could be cheaper overall? Not sure how the stain will look if varnished though. Or how well it will hold paint? I have seen you can buy big bags of sawdust for fair prices which got me thinking. Not sure how well it would cope with large 10mm gaps though.

    Any thoughts welcome.


  2. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

    Too late now, but you should have cramped the boards before you nailed them back down,or did they shrink when heating was tested.
  3. TGull

    TGull Member

    I haven't put the boards down yet, but I have had to cut them (with some remaining bits under the skirting boards) so some parts on the ends will not align so not sure how this would look.

    Even if I do this cramping, I doubt it will be 100% sealed though would it? I've never done it before.

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