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    Hi there,

    I have a small council bungalow and they ripped nearly all the doors from previous tenant as they standardise everything for new tenants.

    they have put up cheap plain white like fake wood doors if that makes sense not panelled . I have never seen this type of door before so not sure what to do with them. looks like wood round rims. I have undercoated the doors. What paint to buy now? One door has been previous painted but looks like a sheen on it like wall paint (!) so i sanded it down still a little sheen and there's marks on it i can't sand off. looks like it was painted and loads of dust attached itself i done my best to prep the door.

    The marked door - shall i just undercoat it i have sanded and you can still see marks/old paint marks/brush marks . i think the doors are hollow.

    what paint to buy for the doors? I suffer with fatigue and pain etc. so i can only do a bit at a go - maybe one side of a door . I have used crown solo on the skirtings and door trims - had to caulk and undercoat as they were in terrible state.

    I have never used a roller for gloss if that's what you suggest i don't want the doors to look any more awful than they already are esp as i get tired and am worried i will mess them up.

    is it a complete no to buy wall paint for these doors?

    Thanks !

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