Painting over dulux easycare kitchen paint

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by jonniejoejonson, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. I painted 2 mist coats of white watered down emulsion on the ceiling and walls. All good.

    I then painted 2 coats of white Dulux Easycare Kitchen on the ceiling - however I got bits of this paint on the walls. I didn't think it mattered much because it was white on white.

    I’ve then gone to paint just normal Dulux Easycare onto the walls, however it doesn’t take to any of the areas where I got the kitchen paint on… (alot of areas!)


    - Do I have to sand all these areas down and redo?

    - Is there a product I can buy so that paint adheres to the spilt kitchen paint?

    - Do you think if I buy the Dulux Easycare kitchen paint to also go on the walls, this will take better than the none kitchen version?

    Thanks to any responders.
  2. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    Think the easiest option here is to buy the Easycare kitchen paint and use that on everything. There other ways to resolve the situation but I think that would be the easiest.
  3. Thanks @ejenner .. I presume that will work, however I imagine it will also leave a slight trace where I've effectively got one less layer of paint in the areas where the first coat didn't take.. do you think I can just add a bit of fine surface filler, sand down to level up the surface before applying the coat of easycare kitchen paint?.. if so I presume I can just add the filler without sanding down to plaster first? .. thanks again. J
  4. ejenner

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    I wouldn't worry about filling it. Just put the Easycare Kitchen over the top. It only shows through due to opacity. When there are so many coats on a surface opacity won't matter any more as white is white.
  5. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    If the splatters from the ceiling have left raised areas on the walls, even small areas but raised, this will show through subsequent coats on the wall

    If you want a nice flat finish to walls, best option will be to sand down the splatters. This will also remove areas of mist coat so you may well need another mist coat after sanding but, not the end of the world

    That’s why when painting, start at the top, ie, ceiling and work your way down to the walls - having a light sand before painting walls, or at least giving them a quick once over
  6. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    I would guess if it's roller applied the level is going to flatten out. Does depend how high the blobs are though. I'm imagining just over painting after doing the celling but if there are bird poo type strikes all over the wall that'll definitely show. You can remove isolated blobs using a paint scraper or a stanley blade.
  7. Thanks @ejenner and @DIYDave. - most of the problem areas are where i've touched the walls with the roller leaving small traces of the kitchen paint and where the 1st coat of wall paint therefore hasn't taken.
    My only concern is that if I simply apply a coat of the kitchen paint to the walls, the problem areas are effectively going to have one coat of paint less which I imagine would be noticeable... I guess the answer is to do a test wall first and see how it comes out. Thanks again for your advice.

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