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    Just painted a room at home and used dulux white silk emulsion on the walls and ceiling (silk seems a bit old fashioned but not much natural light in this room so wanted to brighten it up)
    Undercoated the coving with acrylic undercoat then 2 coats of dulux matt white emulsion as wanted a contrast between the walls and ceiling
    Both paints are "brilliant white" but after 2 coats of matt, the coving looks grey compared to the walls and ceiling
    Painted over the matt with a coat of silk and now looks same as walls, but now reflects the light in a weird way, due to the curve of the coving I suppose and doesn't look right

    The wife really not happy so suggests we try the matt again and live with it

    Gave the coving a light sand down and started on the matt again
    After about 2-3 minutes, little bubbles and blisters start to appear on the coving, luckily only done 1 mtr stretch, now well fed up so decided to leave it !

    A few of the blisters have dissapeared over night but not all

    All coats of paint were fully dry before applying another coat, all paints are dulux, any ideas please how to sort this and what causes this reaction
    Had heard of problems when painting over silk and vinyl paints but just thought that the problem was a lack of adhesion, due to the paint being non porous with a plastic like feel, hence the need to key the surface before repainting

    Thanks for any help with this

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