Painting over wallpapered walls without having it skimmed.

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Ben Collinson, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Ben Collinson

    Ben Collinson New Member

    98C6C558-4931-4224-ADB5-A121DBDB21C9.jpeg Hi collective mind,

    I have recently stripped the wall paper from my hall, stairs and landing. It came off like a dream and revealed painted walls that don’t need skimming. I can’t afford to have them skimmed anyway, it’s an old Victorian end terrace and the surface area is huge, from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the landing ceiling is about 6/7m maybe.

    When I’ve taken the wallpaper off some of the old paint has come off. This has left pockets of scars/tiny indents on the wall where you can see the original plaster. I’ve removed all the flaking paint and sanded the walls with 120 grit sand paper and tried to even put the scars to intergrate them back into the paint.

    How can I fill the scars so they won’t be seen when painted? PVA mixed into the base coat? A special primer? Does anyone know any magic remedies that will mean I don’t have to save over a grand to have them skimmed?

    I’ll try and post pictures. Thanks in advance.
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    NO PVA.:mad:

    A fine filler will do, Easifill would most likely also be suitable, where Astra our painter when you need him.

    One thing I would do is give the walls a coat of stablishing solution, Everbuild 406 particularly good, it will seal surface,bind any loose material,dusty surfaces,etc, ready for painting.
    Cheapest is on Ebay, there are a few shops, south west were it can be got cheap.
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  3. Ben Collinson

    Ben Collinson New Member

    No PVA. Will I have to go around and fill in all The blemishes then? There’s no magic fix that I can paint on and fill all the slight marks?
  4. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Gardz will kill the wallpaper paste residue if needed. Use a ready mix wall smoother then sand flat. Just need a good vac sander
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  5. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    Anyone that's removed paper from previously painted walls has had the same problem - to some degree or other

    If paint is flaking cleanly off walls and leaving clean plaster underneath, this 'may' be an issue where the plaster wasn't sealed with a 'mist coat' prior to painting and the paint literally sits on the plaster surface without soaking in

    This is all fine until you next decorate and you get large areas lifting off with the paper, then more problems when you hit the walls with new paint and a roller - the wet paint lifts more old paint and it peels off, wrapping itself around the roller

    If its not the case and just some flaking here and there, no problems but plenty of prep required and elbow grease (materials are cheap though)
    Just depends how deep the 'scars' are due to how many layers of paint are on wall. If you can feel the dips then no paint will cover this over like the miracle cure your searching for :)

    Can lash the paint on thick with a fluffy roller but the finish will look terrible - like a fine Artex stiple :eek: May cover some of the scars but now uv got ugly walls to live with. Also emulsion looks different once dried as contains a lot of water. once paint dries and water has evaporated, all the blemishes will pop out to assault your eyes

    Use this filler, available in larger quantities so works out more economical (5/10kg) Easy to mix and work with, easy to sand down. Store bag in an empty 10lt paint tub to keep air tight and will last for future decorating projects;

    Use a taping knife to apply and smooth filler so can cover large areas quickly and efficiently;

    Sand down, P120 / 180, loads of dust so be prepared, dust sheets, quality face mask, etc. Look at a manual pole sander or spend more money and go electric wall sander with extraction connection (hoover)

    As above, wall paper paste needs completely removing by washing down walls with hot sugar soap solution and green scouring pads/rags, several changes of sugar soap and a final wash with clean water. All traces of paste need removing, if wall feels sticky during washing then it still has paste residue and will cause havoc when you hit the wall with emulsion

    Or, as above, Zinsser Gardz to seal in the paste

    So.......all in all, plenty to do before painting

    Depends as well as to how close to perfection your aiming for with the finish (aim high....why wouldn't you) ;)

    If your doing the work yourself, then all good, our labour is free whilst prep materials are cheap

    Good luck :)
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  6. Ben Collinson

    Ben Collinson New Member

    Hi, still haven't complete this job. I'm a teacher and half term is here so it needs doing this week. Has anyone any experience using polycell smooth over stuff? Or am I just going to make a mess of it as I have 0 plastering knowledge.

    Also a friend recommended using GTEC Smartmix Xtra?

    Would I plaster/fill first and then use the gradz stuff or other way round? Also is there any chance 3 in 1 base coat would do the job?
  7. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Diy orbital sander with taped pipe that's bodged on vacuum. Sand walls 120 grade discs..Gardz. skim with ready mixed smoother... I use the green and black tubs of the.... Make good brand from B&Q... Slap on best you can. Lol.. Sand with orbital and vac. Acrylic undercoat white to seal. Touch up naff bits and spot prime filler. Paint.. Good luck
  8. Ben48

    Ben48 Member

    I ended up with 1 million dents, scratches when I removed my wallpaper which took 2 months to do and endless scrubbing and sugar soap scrubbing, by that time got one quote from a plasterer and that was that so ended up painting on the surface and just lived with it.

    Its not ideal but do wish I got some ready mixed plaster and gave it a go now....

    I think I would have done something like this:

    Hes listed the tools and stuff in the description below the video

    Alternative is reapply some textured wallpaper, but I think the above is the better option since you can repaint new color's with ease on a smoothed wall.
  9. Richard_

    Richard_ Active Member

    Why bother with all this filling and sanding? The dust will get everywhere, you'll find it in your shorts next summer.

    Wallrock fibre liner is your answer. Just fill the worst scrapes and knock off the worst bumps. Then slap on the wallrock for a perfect finish.

    ps - I swear by Everbuild "One Strike" for filling and get a good quality flexible filler knife.
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  10. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    Easy Fill and lined with WallRock 180 plus for a perfect finish. Could use the decorating opportunity to put a picture rail up.
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