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    hi after bit of advice I'm a builder don't claim to be a painter but is a regular part of my work anyway on a renovation job and got to paint a hardwood stair case some sort of redwood well if prepared the entire thing and was thinking to myself what to paint it with then remembered a tin of zinsser primer I had from a current caravan renovation. That then made me think hang on they sell that it aerosols so of I went and tried a can didn't last long need couple more but instant decent results. That then made me think about other coats and what to use I do have a hvlp sprayer about but needs repair could hire one etc or airless. My question is is there any decent aerosols about for under coat and glossing if not and I decided to hire a sprayer what's best and what paint would I use just standard stuff thinned out. Ideally I'd like to buy some cans and do it that way but under stand from spraying bikes and things a proper gum with air supply is generally always better thanks in advance

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