Painting tiles that are already painted in gloss!

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Amelia Richards, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Amelia Richards

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    I rent from a council housing association and they tend to speed decorate and cut corners between tenants to get the next one paying rent ASAP.. My bathroom is fully tiled and they've painted the tiles in the most disgusting pale yellow gloss paint and the finish is absolutely awful! Drips, patches, holes they've filled in AFTER painting etc
    So considering I'm very tight on cash.. What would be the best way to repaint them? Clean and sand the gloss and repaint in tile paint? Or could I use a water based paint or a gloss with a primer underneath? Should I remove the paint completely with some sort of chemical and start again?
    Considering I only have the time my kids are in bed to do it all it's such a big job and they're floor to ceiling tiles all the way round so want to do it right! Thanks in advance
  2. Wayners

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    Sand to de gloss then paint again. B@Q sell tile paint so go look as plenty of colours. Could use waterbased undercoat and gloss I guess. You need to sand it down first to see what happens. It might start coming off.. Then post again
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  3. PhilSo

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    Masonry paint.

    PhilSo :eek:

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