painting very bright green colour Dulux trade and contrast between cutting in and rolling areas

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by phoebe goldup, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. phoebe goldup

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    Dear community.

    I have painted a room in a clients house in a bright snooker table green colour they have chose. From the Dulux trade chart. I have painted each wall so that the cutting in was wet whilst I rolled. I am now seeing a colour contrast between the rolling and the cutting in where the cutting in looks lighter. Is this call hatting? Where am I going wrong please? Any advice? I’m happy to do another coat but I’d like some advice first please
    Thank you in advance
  2. phoebe goldup

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  3. WillyEckerslike

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    I think Astra is on a special holiday (at our host's pleasure so to speak...)
    Maybe @Wayners will be along soon to advise
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    Thank you.
    I don’t know who else to tag. Astramax always seems to have the answers
  5. Wayners

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    Some strong colours in some paints have this picture framing effect. My theory is the pigment is being crushed around edges because of brush or the light is reflecting different from brush vs roller. You decide which or both.

    The answer (all you can do is try) is to use something like pink tesa or other delicate tape on ceiling and floor and roll right to the edges. Pull tape.

    Use something like Hamilton Perfection green as they make (screwfix sell) matching small roller so same nap as larger roller.

    So run small roller up the edges then switch to bigger roller (12" or bigger) rolling up only or down only so going in one direction across the wall vs up and down. Moving with 25% or less overlap. Use small roller top and bottom in one direction.

    Just be assured its a known problem. I had this with blood red Laura Ashley flat matt I think it was. 2.5lt on just one wall trying to work out the problem so I ended up on 7th+ coat masking and roller only. Was way better and had to walk knowing that was best I could do..

    @Astramax is not about? I did wonder..
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    Thank you for your response @Wayners .that’s very helpful. One decorator I asked in person said it could have been because I was working between two cans of paint. Even though they were exactly the same code there could have been a slight pigment difference between the two exacerbating the contrast? I think it could be a mix of both issues possibly
  7. Wayners

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    You should never work 2 cans of paint. Mix them both together or use on separate coats.
    You said you cut in and rolled walls so should be taking paint from same tin. Assumed it was a mix and no 2 tins will be the same
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  8. phoebe goldup

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    Thank you @Wayners. I appreciate your guidance. Lesson learnt
  9. Dr Decorator

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    Wayners is correct,

    once you have brushed use a mini roller to match your big roller.

    Also as it’s a deep colour I would add floetrol to avoid the top hat banding.
  10. phoebe goldup

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    Thank you, it seems it was partly a variation between the two tins which as advised was sorted by tanking them both together and the last coat looks good. Also thank you for the tip about Floetrol in the final coat as, whilst the picture framing was my error on this occasion, it has revealed to be the neck ache that deep colours can be and I'm about to start a job where every room is a different deep georgian colour, so cheers

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