Paramount/egg box partition walls

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Thesecondfavourite, May 5, 2021.

  1. Hi, has anyone got any experience or guidance on these walls? I have just removed bathroom tiles and found 1 wall ruined so pulled off plasterboard to find a paramount wall..I would like to replace it with a stud wall and add insulation if possible without damaging the other side of the wall (fix PB to stud with adhesive until it comes to decorate that room) the wall doesn't look to be load bearing, the 40x40mm wall studs do not touch the ceiling. How do I go about swapping this wall out, do I need to inform building regulations etc? Thanks
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  2. CGN

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    Build a stud wall next to it with 3x2 cls, get some fixings into the original and go from there. No need for BC.
  3. Bob Rathbone

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    Had this problem at the head of a bath when removing the bath to fit a shower. I cut out the damaged board and replaced it with ordinary plasterboard and lots of expanding foam behind. Be sure to prop the new plasterboard as the foam expands and cures.
  4. LEH

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    I have these. In our bathroom I carefully removed the bathroom side board and the cardboard honeycomb inside. Then built stud using 3x2 on its side. Grab adhesive to hold the existing plasterboard from the other room. Filled with rockwool. Doesn’t block sound too much as not very deep but better than nothing.
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  5. Have you got any pics? This is exactly what I plan to do. I have the 3x2 and PB ready to start!
  6. LEH

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    Just a couple:

    IMG_3283.jpg IMG_3293.jpg

    I found a multi-tool useful to cut into the old plasterboard and lift it off in sections - it was quite soggy as it had been next to a bath and shower that were not properly installed, so wasn't too difficult. It's a bit time consuming removing all the honeycomb but you get there in the end.
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  7. Wow, you have made a really good job of that . I have only just replaced the floorboards today as the previous owner poured tile adhesive straight on top of chipboard floorboards and they were mangled! So now I have seen how the wall is done, that's next! Thanks for all your help!
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  8. CGN

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    There are worse modern construction walls than paramount board!
  9. Hey guys, thought I'd post an update.
    I ended up copying the method from user LEH. Took out all cardboard and fit 3x2 in place, sanding down the rough surface of the plasterboard behind. Putting insulation and boarded up using 9.5mm handyboards and now all is looking normal again. Thanks again for everyone's help!

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    Do you think this would then be strong enough to mount a Vanity Unity?
  11. snappyfish

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    Just found this type of wall in my shower/wet room type thing, only damn bathroom I have and shoddy work caused a leak, and most of the bathroom side is ruined. Going to have to do this I think?

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