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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by crisp, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Correct me if i am wrong but my understanding of part p means i can add a spur to an existing ring main.What i would like to do is add 2 sockets into a ring main but keep the ring intact,am i allowed to do this. Also i want to fit some wall lights taking feed from centre light in i allowed to do this. You can guess i not part p qualified
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    its in dinning room
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    The rules are: You do not need to tell your local authority’s Building Control Department about:
    repairs, replacements and maintenance work; or
    extra power points or lighting points or other alterations to existing circuits (except in a
    kitchen or bathroom, or outdoors).
    You need to tell them about most other work.

    Given the guidelines above, for your dining room:
    Can you add two spurs to an existing ring?: yes but only one spur to each existing socket on the ring (that means you cant add a spur then add another one to it).
    Can you add wall lights using existing lighting circuit as a feed? Yes.

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  6. ban-all-sheds

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    crisp - how do you plan to test the circuits after you have modified them?
  7. sinewave

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    That's easy BAS.

    He'll just wap the MCB on and see if it stay's on wit no BANG

    Then see if the lights/sockets work! :)

    What else is there? ;)
  8. Plug the kettle and make sure it stays on long enough for a brew!

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