Partial Garage floor conversion

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  1. Jaampe

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    Hi all again,

    We have sorted out the building regs side but can't have a preliminary inspection as all the inspectors are housebound. We can proceed as normal so long as we send photos in of progress. This is good news for cracking on, bad news for not being able to hammer the inspector with questions. Questions such as...

    Going to be converting approximately a third of the garage into a utility room. This would leave the main exterior door as it is and still maintaining up until the conversion as a storage garage. Been reading a bit about raising the integral garage door up to the 90mm or so that the rest of the ground floor concrete floor is on. Seen mention of using 50mm insulation boards sat atop a newly DPM painted floor and then some T&G chipboard flooring which would be 22mm thickness which would still leave me short. What's best way of getting this to height that doesn't involve concrete?
  2. Abrickie

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    70 mm insulation + 22 mm t&g = 92mm
    70 mm insulation + 18 mm t&g = 88mm
  3. Jaampe

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    Ahhh, I only saw up to 50mm thank you.. Should have done more than a man look.

    I'm assuming the floor slopes slightly. How would I offset this with insulation board?
  4. Abrickie

    Abrickie Active Member

    Self levelling compound prior to insulation
  5. stevie22

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    I'm not a fan of floating floors: if it was mine I would lay in timbers levelled up with plastic shims and screwed down. Celotex between and fix boards normally.
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