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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Accaman, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    I have never had much call for Pat Testing so have stayed clear of buying the associated tester etc
    But ive been offered a job testing 3000 small appliances on a holiday site and dont really want to turn it down.

    My questions are.....what would be a reasonable rate ? Ive been told 65p an appliance???

    And i have this Kewtech tester,which adapts my normal tester into a pat tester.. Covers all the mandatory tests demanded by the Code of Practice. The new Code of Practice allows for 250V insulation tests. In most cases this can replace leakage tests. Class 1 • Earth bond - Suitable for all appliances (including IT) using a Continuity Tester • Insulation at 250V or 500V using an Insulation Tester Class 2 • Insulation at 250V or 500V using an Insulation Tester Class 2 • Insulation at 250V or 500V using an Insulation Tester

    So will the above device cover what i need to do??? thanks
  2. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    3000 small appliances
    You'll lose the will to live doing that lot Acca, i've had enough after 60 or so!
  3. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Acca, it's not just the PAT testing, there's all of the recording and identifying appliances to be done. 3000 appliances will create a lot of paperwork as well. Certain appliances only need testing every year, some every 18 mths - 2 yrs and some (site tools etc) need doing every 3-6 months. Not as easy as it first seems. As its a holiday site, Id think they'd probably want doing once a year but at 3000 appliances it's gonna be a long boring time for ya.
    Best of luck ;)
  4. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    Hmmm i do have an apprentice, im sure after the first few hundred he will be more than capable of being left to do the rest...;)
  5. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    More importantly will that tester adapter i got be ok for the job in hand?
  6. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    This is what I used to use at my last place for testing. Quite easy to use and all the data was transferred onto a computer and saved as an excel spreadsheet.
  7. live wire 03

    live wire 03 New Member

    Accaman is that 65p and hourly rate?
  8. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    Nice machine John, but im not forking out that much...can u hire them????
  9. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    Livewire, i was told 65p an appliance,but on t,internet it seems to be £1 told to expect to do 20 appliances an hour and to be honest im not sure if u are meant to add on hourly rate aswell,i doubt it,but thats y im asking cos ive never done pat testing on this scale before. I told them i will do it for 90p an item, its no skin off my nose if i dont get it,from wat u lot say its a shittie job anyhow...;)
  10. live wire 03

    live wire 03 New Member

    yeah 20 appliances a minute is a lot with paperwork .Also what is the access like for all of these Appliances? Can you test IT equipment in daytime or do you have to do after hours for convenience of office staff....There is a lot to take into consideration but once you have done it next time will be easier..but if it was me I would charge a day rate rather than per appliance.
  11. getalifeyoulot

    getalifeyoulot New Member

    PAT is the bottom feeder of the sparking world.

    I have stopped PAT as there simply is no money in it. I have a Megger PAT4 DV/3 which i use for existing customers. Appliance testing is easy and 20 appliances per hour is possible - if they are all accessible. The last job I did was a factory with 500 appliances, it took two and a half days plus all associated paperwork - record keeping. Do the maths. My advice is leave PAT to the non sparkies. And if you plan to do 3000 appliances forget about the meter you have mentioned.
  12. Accaman

    Accaman New Member

    Id imagine being a holiday camp that it will be empty this time of year and im not sure but im guessing its gonna be the domestic appliances in each chalet.
    Can u hire a pat tester? And i m thinking it will be a good job for those odd days i got no work and also an experience for my apprentice..but ive taken wat u lot have said on board and will consider wisely..;)
  13. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Say three and five appliances per chalet and you have to unlock and enter each chalet plus the walk in betweeen. also you have to record which chalets all these appliances are in. Makes it a long long boring day, even for the apprentice. Not sure whether you can hire a pat tester or not. I'lll have a look on't net and post later.
  14. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

  15. wysiwyg19620

    wysiwyg19620 New Member

    hi, i have my own part time pat testing business. I never noticed if your equipment can preform the earth bond test at 100ma or 200ma as you do not want to be doing earth bond tests on IT equipment at 25 amps. The machine i use is a europa seaward plus. This is a great machine with a hard drive which holds your information until you download it into a pat test programme on your computer. I do not have a call out charge but charge £1.50 an item up to 100 items then £1. 30 after that.
  16. jackts

    jackts New Member

    PAT, requires nothing more than a visual inspection, no special equipment required.
  17. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    You also need to consider what you will do when you find something faulty (and first time ound probably will). Repair charges and replacement fuses, plugs, IEC leads etc need to be considered.

    Second and subsequent times finding the equipment will be fun as some will have failed and been binned, some will have moved chalets etc.

    Kind regards

  18. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    "PAT, requires nothing more than a visual inspection, no special equipment required."

    Whatever you say matey. I suppose in your world, there's no legal requirement to earth any equipment either?
  19. jackts

    jackts New Member

  20. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Acca my man. I stand corrected by jackts. Take this job on mate, you don't need any equipment at all !!!. Seriously, Look Here
    I would not have believed this unless I had seen it in black and white. Specially as it's on the HSE website.
    Unbelievable :O :O :O

    Mucho Apologies Jackts ;)

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