Patching large hole in wall

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    I removed a piece of damaged plasterboard while preparing the landing prior to painting.

    Any advise on how to patch the gap up. Am I best to simply use plasterboard or would thin OSB / MDF be more suitable. Slightly concerned about how to get a nice fit with the existing radius of the stairs.

    THanks in advance!
  2. Jord86

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    Use plasterboard to match existing and you'll have to scribe it in to the curve of the stairs. Measure the depth at the deepest point, cut, then sit the plasterboard offcut on top of the level part of the stair string, then using a block of wood the same depth as the deepest void area, trace a line with a pencil along the plasterboard following the block right up to the top level part of the stairs.

    If none of that makes sense, google how to scribe or look on YouTube.
  3. mr moose

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    Once you have done the above, you will probably need to get a plasterer to re skim.
  4. Wayners

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    Done similar a few times. I think there is a recess? You need something to fix the plasterboard to all the way around at the edges. This will hold it and stop any movement so prevent cracking. Just stick it at the top with adhesive so it's level with the existing wall as you don't want to be trying to build it out level with plaster..So wood along sides and bottom to screw to with adhesive at the top. Seal the pours edges with Pva prior to fixing. Tip.. You can Blob all the way around with adhesive so it sits perfectly level then only screw when adhesive is dry [​IMG]
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