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    Hi, I'm putting in a new circular patio and some paths in my garden. I'm going for a red brick look and have a number of engineering / semi engineering bricks from a garden wall finished beforehand. I do plan to use pavers for much of the path work but do not want to waste the bricks I have left. Now I'm curious as to whether these will be appropriate to use for path edging and for the circles within the circular patio.

    They do have holes in them and so I thought when using them for edging that the cavities can be made to face each other and same for the circles within the circular patio. However for both they won't be flush to one another and will have gaps. So do I need to worry about the voids in them in terms of longevity. What about sand to fill the gaps of the patio. I worry I will struggle to fill in the voids between bricks due to the massive voids already within the bricks.

    If I use them end to end rather than width ways I worry these cavities will be even more exposed. I have some gravel paths to put in and wanted to carry the same bricks down to these in the form of edging but end to end like mentioned.

    One idea was to 'seal' them with mortar before bedding them? To block of the void.

    Any thoughts on this would be great. Seal, not seal, use them, don't?
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    I'd use them and butter the faces with the holes as you lay/bed them down which will virtually fill the holes youre worrying about.

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