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    I'm after some advice!

    I'm just trying to think ahead incase we do eventually get to have some decent weather in a few months time and never know we might actually get a summer!

    Had had my back garden done last year which included a new patio whick looking at it now looks in a right state, nothing to to with the actual work as it was all done first class.

    The problem I have is after it was completed, a few weeks later I gave it a good clean and put a sealer on it. It was a nice sunny day and reading the information on the sealer it had to have a minimum of 3 hours to dry, however (luckily or unluckily) the heavens opened 4 hours later and it downpoured for ages afterwards and the patio was more like a swimming pool!

    Cut a long story short, every time it rains there must me some reaction and the rainwater just looks like milk, and the patio itself looks a right mess to put it mildly.

    Basically my question is what to do to try and sort this mess?

    Should I just leave it and hope after a few harsh winters it settles, or should I try some lind of treatment, possibly something like a cement or brick cleaner so I can basically just start it again, however I'm thinking something as harsh as a brick cleaner my harm the appearance of the stone.

    Any advice on how to possibly remedy this would be appreciated.


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