Paving Slabs around a pond?

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  1. Tim591

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    Hi guys,

    What would be the best way to add paving slabs around a pond? The pond is dug in earth in the garden. What would be the securest and safest way of doing this as I obviously want them to be very secure and not move if someone stood on them.

    Thanks :)
  2. Bed them on a mix of 3 course sand to 1 cement, fill the pond with water first to take up the slack of the pond liner.
  3. Tim591

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  4. Id get a seperate bag of cement and a couple of bagsof coarse sand, ie plastering sand.
    It will work out cheaper, bring the liner over the edge, lay about 35/50mm bed of sand and cement then tap the slabs down to level with a rubber mallet.
  5. davecroft

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    Only thing to watch is that if using cement mortar to bed the slabs make sure none falls into the water and that the water doesn't come into contact with it, cos fresh mortar will raise the ph level and make it very unpleasant for fish.  Obviously not a problem if you aren't having fish in the pond...

    You can buy concrete sealer from specialist pond suppliers such as Bradshaws to apply to the mortar when it is dry which will stop it leaching into the water.
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  6. Tim591

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    Sorry, new to this ;)

    So after I've overlapped the liner, how would I lay the cement & slabs? If I lay the cement mixture directly on the liner & then a slab on top, wouldn't it be loose (for example if someone stood on it)?

    Thanks again :)
  7. MrGrimNasty

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    If you want it to be nice & stable you really need to cast a concrete collar foundation 6-8" deep all the way around, as wide as the slabs, and lay the paving across that, liner tucked under about 1/3 of way.
  8. Tim591

    Tim591 New Member

    Thanks MrGrimNasty, would I just need something like this?:

    So I'd need to dig about 1-1.5 foot deep, fill about 3" of the hole with the above concrete, overlap the liner on the 3" concrete, then put about 5" of concrete on the liner, then cement the paving slabs onto that cement foundation?

    Thanks :)
  9. That's the general idea. Although it will depend on how solid the ground is around the pond in the first place. Ie: if it's made from soil recently excavated from the pond itself, then it won't be very compacted and you can anticipate a lot of movement there - expect the slabs to move over time.

    You're going to need a lot more concrete than you seemingly imagine, so using these ready-mixed bags will prove costly. Best, as said above, to buy separate aggregate amd cement for the 'founds' and sand for the mortar for bedding the slabs.

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