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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by shepudpud, Sep 6, 2018.

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    We are having a makover in our kitchen/utility room & we are providing materials, worktops,sink,taps,splashbacks. Cost £770. Trades man for asking for third deposit, to secure date he says. We've never had to do this before so wonder if this is normal? He didnt mention when quoted or came to look at work. I understand customers may mess them around but bit nervous of doing this although would naturallly ask for some sort of receipt, if did this.

    Thanks in advance
  2. rogerk101

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    With the way some customers treat tradespeople, it's pretty understandable that they want some sort of deposit for their labour.
    If they block off two weeks to do a job, and then pitch up on the first day and there's another tradesperson in there working on it already, how's he/she supposed to find the next job to keep their family fed for the 2 weeks that had been blocked off for this job.
    That said, it cuts both ways ... when you pay a deposit for two week job to start on 1 April, you expect it to start on 1 April, and not 2 months later.
    Pay the deposit, but have it in writing that the job is to start on date x plus or minus y days, and that if the job hasn't started within z days of the planned start date x then the entire deposit is to be refunded in full.
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    Staged payments or upfront deposits are normal for larger projects and if it's a one-man band they are essential for cash-flow.

    I understand your apprehension though - if you hand over the cash now then he might disappear into the ether never to be seen again.

    I often tell them that I will drop cash off at their house that way I know where to start looking if they do vanish.

    I've never had a problem yet though.
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    How did you learn about the tradesman? If he comes highly recommended by all your friends and relations I would be relaxed to pay it although I find it highly unusual - I've never had to do it. If you don't know him from Adam I would be more circumspect. Is there a means to pay the deposit to a trusted third party or would a post dated cheque work perhaps?
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    thanks for the reply. Good points you make, very useful
  6. shepudpud

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    Thanks, like comments especially the house one
  7. shepudpud

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    We got his name via local Howdens branch. Not long lived in this area so do not know many tradesmen.
  8. furious_customer

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    He's probably a well-known face in the local Howden's then - I don't think you will have any problem.
    I would rather risk the £250 than a row from the missus for not getting it sorted.
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    Oh - I see a problem - a third of £770 is £256.6666666667 - is he going to be able to give you change?
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