Payleven Chip & PIN Card Reader

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  1. screwfix.kate

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    We have a new product for all you tradesmen, the Payleven Chip and PIN Card Reader

    This is a Chip and Pin Card reader so you can take payment safely and quickly while out and about. No need to worry about holding cash or cheques anymore, you can take payment in person and forget about trips to the bank or the worry of a cheque bouncing and chasing customers for payment.

    Did you know that UK Tradesmen are owed over £300m by late and non-paying customers.
    More payments are now processed by card then cash.
    You can increase business by advertising that you accept card payments.

    The Chip and PIN Reader, is a low cost option with no monthly rental or minimum fees
    This is a fully mobile device, which works anywhere on 3G or EDGE connection.
    This is easy to set up with a five minute signup, with no merchant account requirement.

    This pocket sized Chip and PIN reader, can be used with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. This processes Mastercard, Visa and Maestro cards and payment is made in to your bank account.

    To see how this can be used in your business, please view the videos below.

    To view and purchase this payment machine, please visit Payleven Chip and PIN Card Reader

  2. FatHands

    FatHands Well-Known Member

    um, that looks quite good. saves being fobbed off with cheques! ;)
  3. screwfix.kate

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    This has now been reduced to £58.99

  4. screwfix.kate

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    This Chip and Pin Reader is today's Deal of the Day, with a £10 saving.

    Just £48.99 until 23.59 on 21 January 2014.

  5. Graham hunt

    Graham hunt New Member

    Looks good
  6. Jimmy the roofer

    Jimmy the roofer New Member

    It might be £58.99 and save time chasing up payments, But i don't like the idea of having to muck about with i pads or phones.
    Also some customers might not think its as secure as other payment methods.

    Just in my opinion :)
  7. Niceec

    Niceec New Member

    I've had one of these for about a year and never have had a complaint or issue from the customer about using it with a smartphone.
  8. BuilderMCR

    BuilderMCR Active Member

    I've had one of these for about 6 months. Never used it so I don't know how people react to them.
    I got fobbed off by a few people with stupid excuses and had to wait weeks to be paid. Got annoyed bought one and every customers paid cash since lol it's still in the box.
  9. rickyjames123

    rickyjames123 New Member

    Nice bro
    good friends

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