Pegboard in uninsulated garage?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by RobH2018, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. RobH2018

    RobH2018 Member

    Trying to find the best storage solution for my only modest sized collection of tools.

    Wondering about using pegboard in my garage, which is separate to the house and uninsulated.

    Would anyone leave their hand tools exposed to the damp British air like that, or is that a big no no? Guess any metal parts would need regular oiling, but i guess you're meant to do that anyway!
  2. soabar

    soabar Member

    Pegboard is pretty much the norm in authorised vehicle dealer workshops for manufacturer specific / "special" tooling (& some of that stuff in ludicrously expensive!), so you should be fine. I find that tools which aren't plated will get light surface rust even when stored away in a dry tool box, so occasionally give them very light wipe down with WD-40 or whatever to prevent this.

    Hardboard pegboard is readily available, metal is far better but is pretty expensive for what it is - used retail display merchants are the best place to get metal at a reasonable price.
  3. RobH2018

    RobH2018 Member

    That's a great point. Initially I thought those workshops might be better protected against cold wet air ingress in the night time than my home garage, but they often just have the bay doors wide open all day don't they, even in winter. Plenty of scope for the cold wet air to get in!

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