pencil lines all over the place

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Northwest gas svc's, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Northwest gas svc's

    Northwest gas svc's New Member

    Is this normal after having a kitchen fitted ?
    Id painted all the walls prior to the kitchen being fitted and did expect to do a final coat or touch up but struggling to rub off all the pencil lines now(some go right down the walls next to the units) so its hard to rub off and its probably HB pencil.

    Am I being fussy
  2. sheffield-steel

    sheffield-steel New Member

    sorry, but yes. measure once cut twice and all that......

  3. sheffield-steel

    sheffield-steel New Member

    sorry, other way round. Damn this late opening.......

  4. gint

    gint Member

    if thats all you can MOAN about, you must be pleased with the fit then. you moaning bar-steward ;)
  5. Stretch

    Stretch New Member

    Perhaps you'd just like us to GUESS if the units are level then?
  6. Northwest gas svc's

    Northwest gas svc's New Member

    I understand there is bound to be some makings but why so heavy and why the full length of a tall cupboard and before you say to get it level surely 1 mark at the top 1 at the bottom would suffice.
    I manage to fit boilers on the wall at the right height and level , oh and radiators , oh and pipes.
    Maybe my standards are higher than expected but when your spending in the region of 20k you expect a high class of workmanship.
  7. Boff

    Boff New Member

    A plumber moaning about pencil lines, levels and a mess??!?!?!

    Are we in the Twilight Zone or something? ;)
  8. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    I hate it when people paint kitchens before the fit. I suppose they do it because they think that's the easiest time to do it, no masking up, dust sheets etc
    Fitting a cooker hood today to a painted kitchen, had to level it up, push on the low side to level it, 3 or 4 layers of paint gouged off by the rough metalwork on the back of the hood. Sorry, but I said not to paint it first!
  9. loosenup

    loosenup Member

    I have on my paperwork that the utmost care will be taken not to damage decoration.. but that I cannot be hld responsible for lines and any other slight marks that may occur during installation.
    pencil lines are an inherent part of installing a kitchen .. without them then nothing is straight .
    Customers do not realise what is involved in "just fitting a few units" corner square and plumb have to be taken into account .
    The base line measurment may be correct .. but if the wall is out of plumb over 90 degrees .. therefore shortening the wall run .. and there is a housing in line then plumb lines are necessary to ensure that all fits well especially when an L shaped corner is used .
    I was fitting units today and found that one corner was out of square by 25 mm over 950mm .. I had to plane the corner base bas eshelf and back to make the sink run work .. otherwise by the time i got to the corner ( another 1500mm away , The units would have been off the wall by 56mm.
    If I was only fitting one unit only .. like a boiler size .. then no problem .
  10. Northwest gas svc's

    Northwest gas svc's New Member

    ok ok I suppose I was being fussy, respect out to all you fitters, I was happy with the kitchen in all other aspects and that was reflected in the £200 tip to the fitter .
    If he'd just gone a bit lighter with his pencil I could have painted over with just 1 coat but its taking about 3-4 coats to cover the lines.
  11. jonah.

    jonah. New Member

    Did you try cleaning off as much of the pencil line as possible before painting over it.
  12. buy some good quality paint you tight ***
  13. gazza2

    gazza2 New Member

    have you tried baby wipes to remove the pencil ( best ones are johnson, get the ones with a bit of baby oil in them ( pink packet)

    One of the many benefits of an active toddler in the house - you learn new tricks

    also make sure you rub with a finger tip to start, and try to rub up and down the line.
  14. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Yeah, good one Gazza - then the paint won't stick the baby oil left on the wall
  15. JOCK 2004

    JOCK 2004 New Member

    "plumber with a ferrari" has your 'kitchen fitter' never heard of using masking tape. I use it all the time, average of half roll to a roll per kitchen. Low tack gear is the best as you dont remove any finishes when you peal the tape off at the end of the fit.
  16. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Pwaf, I agree. Pencil lines are a no-no.

    For God's sake, they are not that necessary. Small marks are enough.

    I would be most upset if a fitter left pencil lines down edges etc.

    If I have to put pencil lines, I will always cover them with whatever it is I am fitting to the line.

    In most cases, a pencil line should be marked purposely to be covered over, not to be left on show.

    Those that leave pencil lines are most unprofessional.

    Appearance is all.

    Mr HandyAndy - Really
  17. Northwest gas svc's

    Northwest gas svc's New Member

    Thank you, Handy , I agree, maybe a 2h pencil is what all you heavy handed kitchen fitters need, and not a bloody 2b
  18. ShabbaPlanks

    ShabbaPlanks Member

    My tutor has the same view point. When ever he looks over our work he picks up on pencil lines. It does not look good to the customer and is quite often unnecessary.

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