Pent roof spanning and timbers on open garden structure

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    Hi - looking for help please...
    I have built a decked area (in the lockdown), on concreted 4x4 posts. It is all hung on 6 by 2 flooring. The whole floor area is 5.5 metres wide and 2.7 metres deep with four 4x4 posts on each length (3 on front so would need to span 3.8 metres unless I had to make the stump a full length again). We have now (we means the wife:rolleyes:), decided to put a roof of sorts on it. We wanted to leave it mainly open but stud and board the back wall and left side. This would leave the front open and right hand side. I was wanting to use 4X2s with 400 centres to make a roof frame and try to keep it simple with a pent roof and pitch descending backwards.I think this is going to be inadequate so was thinking 6x2 front and back and hang 4x2s at 400 centres. I am concerned as have not done this before with the span and weight of the timbers on the posts. I have put some 4x2s on top which are level to try and help me measure up easier etc. Appreciate any offers of advice please.

    PS the floor is pretty level and straight although the ground isn't near it, making it look dodgy...

    decking 1 (jpeg).jpg decking 2 (jpeg).JPG

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