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    Hi all,
    I am building a Pent garden shed/ workshop 4.8m x 3m. Front wall 2.4m , back 2m. 500mm front roof overhang, 200mm at the back.
    All framework done and rafters installed, birds mounth cut, nailed and angle brackets attached. Studs 3x2 c16 for walls. For some reason I’ve decided to go for 4x2 c16 for roof rafters (3m span) and 400mm centres. Now i am worried if it will be strong enough. 18mm ply sheets on top and plan was for roof shingles. But now i am concerned if it will hold at least standard felt and snow during a winter. Afterall have checked the span tables and says minimum 6x2 for rafters, but it was too late.
    Now rafters fitted I don’t know to leave them or to rip everything off and replace current 4x2 c16 with 6x2 c16? What if i attach the dwangs in the middle line with structural decking screws it will add some strength to the roof? Do not want to add purlin across.
    So, now do not know if to take a risk and leave 4x2 with 3m span or replace? Add dwangs for strength or avoid? Can i still go for roof shingles on top off 18mm ply or stay with simple felt?
    Thanks in advance

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