Phenolic core or PIR insulated plasterboard

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    I am deciding which insulated plasterboard to get for my solid wall insulation so would appreciate input from anyone who have fitted these before.
    I always assumed PIR was the highest standard offered in terms of thermal insulation boards but turns out there is also phenolic core. Never heard of phenolic core until now.

    Here are my 2 options:

    1) Kingspan k118 phenolic core 32.5mm £57.54 Inc VAT per board (need about 3) plus £20 delivery.
    R-value: 1.15

    2) Local builders merchant has 37.5mm celotex for about £36 inc VAT per board and about £15 local delivery. R-value: 1.20

    Ideally I would like the thinnest board possible as I would like to retain as much floor and room space.

    I know the kingspan is only 5mm less but considering the couple mm foam adhesive fixing behind and couple mm skim on top, it all adds up to the thickness.

    Is it worth payin that £20 odd quid more for the thinner Kingspan and but loss of 0.05 R value, I mean I imagine such R value may be negligible?

    And how obtrusive or noticable are these insulated plasterboards once fitted? Will the room feel considerably smaller? (its currently around 3.35m x 3.85m).

    Also read about shrinkage in these insulated boards...shoudld I be?

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