Picking a door frame for this door

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Danny Hardy, May 23, 2023.

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    Unlikely that you’ll find a lining in a pack for that. Often the case of either buying 2 door linings and modifying, or just make one from whatever timber you want and plant the stops on.
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    Problem is that Howdens will only sell to you if you hold a Trade Account with them - and I'm guessing that the OP isn't in the trade

    Timber from your local woodyard would be the simpliest way forward here, or from door supplier as in link
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    Another problem is that Howdens door linings are made from indifferent quality whitewood, and not that well finished. I used 4 in the last week to line 3 doorways.
    First two went back because the trenches were not square to the edge, or to each other.
    I had one leg that was cupped beyond use, another where the finished face had two massive knots fallen out of the edge, but the other face looked more munched than planed. Another of the heads is unusable for the task due to poor finish.
    Doorstops were just carp. Twisty, curly, splitty.
    The only thing to commend them is their price, so nothing to commend them.
    For the same money I could buy redwood from Travis, 32x150. I'd have to cut the legs to length, and trench the heads, taking all of 3 minutes per frame. Redwood Cheshire doorstops would be an extra cost... but again, much better product
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