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  1. I've started worked on kitchen dining room at my property and have found this random pipe within the floor of the under stairs cupboard which is off the kitchen

    Pipe is approx 1 1/4 outside diameter and iron, wrapped in Denso(?) tape lower down

    It was capped off at about the level of the original quarry tiles which had been tiled over at some point before I moved in.

    House is 1920's 'ish

    Markings on the cap are WASK and 1"

    Its not the current elec, gas or water supply as I know where they run.

    Old water supply pipe?


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  2. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Compression fitting for a 1" pipe,probably gas, outside chance it's water.
  3. Unless it is Tee'd into the current incoming gas underground it isn't the gas as I know (or can currently see due to no ceilings) where all the gas pipes in the house run from the external meter box.

    I need to remove it or at least lower it to get the quarry tiles back over the top, I'd really rather not simply undo it and hope nothing comes out.

    House did have old gas lights so could be the feed for them? were they mains fed or old bottled gas? or as you say could be old water supply.
  4. Dave does Gas

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    You could call your gas supplier who can arrange for your local gas networks company to investigate for you. If its an incomming gas main it will be under high pressure and only they can deal with that. It is most likely a redundant gas pipe. We routinly cap these to prevent smells in the house as old gas pipes dont smell too good.
  5. just pumps

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    Old supply for a gas fire?
  6. retiredsparks

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    Have you ever heard anyone whisper
    "up periscope"?
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  7. Richard_

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    WASK is a brand of gas fittings.

    Probably an old supply, maybe to an old meter location? Best get the gas company to check it.

    It's not an old gas fires supply, that would be supplied with lead or copper about the size your finger.
  8. Heat

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    It perhaps is an old gas pipe that might have supplied kitchen gas appliances.
    In NI you would have got old “Town gas” back in the day when no natural gas was piped.
    Gas coin meter below the stairs to supply kitchen
  9. Thanks all for suggestions. Could be the old gas light supply, not uncovered any old lead piping heading in that direction when removed the old plaster from the walls or ceilings however that's not to say it wasn't already removed as I believe the old kitchen area wasn't originally plastered as the bricks are painted under the modern plaster.

    I'll investigate further probably with the gas company.
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  10. Just to close this.

    Gas company has just been round and confirmed its on old gas supply pipe (probably from the gas lights era) and is dead, engineer just pulled the cap off without undoing it even!

    Happy for me to cut it down lower as required for the floor finish but just put the cap back on it.
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  11. rogerk101

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    Did they charge you for their visit?
  12. No charge
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  13. KIAB

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    Good to have a update.:)
  14. Isitreally

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    I have similar under a kitchen unit, mine is a gas pipe capped off that run an old fire when there was a wall there and it was two rooms.

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