Pipe insulation for outside/under timber suspended floor

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Wishidneverstarted, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Wishidneverstarted

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    As part of Kitchen /diner refurb/alterations i will be rerouting a hot and cold water pipe, both 15mm, which will be under a ground floor timber suspended floor.

    The floor will be getting insulated between the joists however I'm also going to insulate the pipework I have read somewhere (can't remember where) though that the typical grey foam pipe insulation isn't suitable for what will effectively be an out side space with the airbricks, something about it breaksdown?

    Is this correct in not using the grey foam insulation?, recommendations as to other products suitable for outside?

    I wont have access to this area without lifting floorboards after the works so don't want something that will breakdown in a few years.

  2. Richard_

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  3. Wishidneverstarted

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    Thanks for the reply, the plan was for 25mm on hot and cold to comply.

    Wont need 50m worth so will have to source a smaller quantity elsewhere.

    Is the Climaflex suitable for outdoors? I've googled some more and Armaflex brand keeps popping up?
  4. Heat

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    It is to do with the weather getting at the pipe insulation.
    The sunlight uv rays destroy the grey foam cheaper insulation.
    The black Armaflex is more resilient and will last for many years.
    For below floors any type will do
  5. Wishidneverstarted

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    Our hosts sister stocks it ... B&Q
  7. Heat

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    Just one other point about the differences in the pipe insulation types, - the black Armaflex is a rubber type foam insulation and far superior for pushing around machine bent pipe bends.
    The more rigid cheaper grey foam insulation is more difficult to push around bends, but otherwise is easy to cut and join, especially at right angle cuts on 90 degree elbow bends

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