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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by help, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. help

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    hi is it possible to use this light 13062 to come on and off with 11917 using the pir please could you tell me how i would go about wiring it up thanks for your time
  2. unphased

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    In essence a PIR is simply a switch. When used in conjunction with a light it is also light sensitive. I havent looked at the products you describe but it is possible to wire upa PIR with any light EXCEPT fluorescent (these work in a different way to ordinary incandescent types). If your using the light outdoors just ensure each is IP44 rated or better.

    There are usually quite straightforward instructions supplied with the PIR. Although not strictly necessary for it to work it is best to wire the PIR in conjunction with a standard one way switch. This gives an isolation facility and an override. Most PIR's can be overriden by switching on and off within about 2 seconds which causes the light to stay on.
  3. help

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    so will there be an extra terminal? so will i have to use 3 core cable? please could you tell me in detail how to wire thiese up thankyou for your time
  4. unphased

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    ...Ok I'll try!...Normally you will find a 3-way terminal connector block in each fitting; phase, neutral and cpc (earth wire).
    Use standard T&E cable (6242Y) either 1.0 or 1.5mm2
    Run the feed cable from the circuit in to the switch first. Connect red to common and leave neutral free (connect cpc to terminal on back box). Then continue by connecting another cable, red to L1 in switch, join neutrals using a single terminal connector and again continue cpc from the back box terminal. (This gives you the isolation "switch" in the red phase wire). Take the wire to the PIR next. Connect red to "L" in the PIR terminal and black to "N"(leave cpc free). Connect another cable to the PIR terminal red to "SW", black neutral to the same "N" terminal as before and join cpc together with single terminal connector. Then run this cable in to the light fitting red to "L", black to "N" and cpc to "earth". This completes the wiring. You then follow the test of the PIR and set the light sensitivity and timer to your preference (see instructions in the box).

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