PIR sensor installation

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    I am looking at adding PIR sensors all over my house to control in door LED lighting, I live in a bungalow so all sensors are going to be fitted to the roof/loft space floor. I have tried to find sensors that are fine for me to lay 400mm of insulation on top of but can not find this listed anywhere and any manufacturer I contact is very non committal. My understanding is that PIR sensors do not run hot and so it should not be an issue covering them with insulation however I am wondering what the general consensus is on doing this or if there is any reason I should not be doing it.

    On a similar note do you have any recommendations of flush mount ones which are reliable without breaking the bank, I see them ranging from around £10 - £80 but given I need around 20 I don't want to pay more than I need to.

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    Just place small plant pots over the top of them then tear the insulation at the top of the breather holes. This will give sufficient breathing/cooling space and much cheaper than fire hoods.

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