Pithed & spineless.

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  1. CAUTION: This post contains some graphic language.

    I can't remember the exact procedure - it was over 35 years ago now - but the process of 'pithing' a helpless wee animal like a frog seemed to involve anaesthetizing it to unconsciousness, snipping off it's head and then 'pithing' the spine by inserting a thick needle right down its column.

    Made me squirm then, and it makes me squirm now.

    I think that was the process, but Longs and 'arry et al (see, that's where I got the 'et al' bit too - edookashun isn't wasted) could confirm for me?

    Because they have just done this to our beloved country.

    The UK is now, headless, pithed and spineless.

    How will May respond to Trumps outrageous tweets? (By the way, they are outrageous, u-s, however much you may have enjoyed them). She will respond in a spineless fashion.

    Why? Because she simply cannot now afford to upset the potus. Simply must not do it.

    Did she tell the Saudis off for their dreadful sanctions and blockade of Yemen? No, of course not - because she needs them desperately now we are possibly going to go it alone. (Of course she'll say 'something' - she has to. But will it have any effect? No, of course not.)

    Been to Israel yet, has she? I wonder what she'll say/not say there? Why? Because we NEED them now more than anything.

    Wherever she goes now in the world, she will be treated like she was by Trump - hand held, and patted.

    "There there there - don't fret. We'll sort summat out for you. A few little tidbits. We'll make it look good for you, because we like you just the way you are, now."

    The u-s on here - what are they like? A bunch of pithers.
  2. Full marks to May - honestly - for responding in the correct fashion to the potus.

    I don't think he took it too seriously tho'.

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  3. Donald Trump attacks Theresa May over her criticism of his far-right retweets
    In rare clash between allies, US president tells May to focus on terrorism rather than on him – but sends the tweet to the wrong person


    Donald Trump and Theresa May met earlier this year in Washington. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    David Smith in Washington


    Thursday 30 November 2017 08.19 GMT First published on Thursday 30 November 2017 01.14 GMT

    Donald Trump has publicly rebuked Theresa May over her criticism of anti-Muslim propaganda, opening an extraordinary diplomatic spat between the transatlantic allies.

    “Theresa@theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,” the US president tweeted on Wednesday evening. “We are doing just fine!”

    Trump’s message came in response to criticism from the British prime minister’s spokesman over the president’s retweeting of incendiary videos posted by the deputy leader of a British far-right group.

    However, the “@theresamay” Twitter handle that Trump targeted does not belong to Theresa May, the British prime minister, but a woman called Theresa Scrivener. Minutes later Trump deleted and reposted the tweet, this time with the correct handle: @Theresa_May.

    The angry tirade, crowning one of the most wayward days yet of Trump’s presidency, earned a swift putdown from the US senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who met May at Downing Street last week to discuss terrorism threats to both countries. He tweeted: “PM @theresa_may is one of the great world leaders, I have incredible love and respect for her and for the way she leads the United Kingdom, especially in the face of turbulence.”

    May is currently on a tour of the Middle East and has not responded yet to the diplomatic incident. But Justine Greening, the education secretary, said the row should not undermine the UK’s long and close relationship with the US.

    Asked if she was shocked that Trump was directly attacking a close ally, Greening told the BBC’s Today programme: “The UK and US have been longstanding allies and our relationship with America is a hugely important one, and I don’t think we should allow this tweet to undermine that in any way... (our relationship) will succeed long after presidents come and go and I don’t agree with the tweet President Trump has made but I also don’t believe it should distract from the agenda we have domestically or detract from the close relationship the UK has had for many many years and will go on to have with the American people.”

    However, Sajid Javid, the local government secretary, who is Muslim, took a much harder line. He posted on Twitter: “So POTUS has endorsed the views of a vile, hate-filled racist organisation that hates me and people like me. He is wrong and I refuse to let it go and say nothing.”
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  4. He (sajid) will be kept quiet.

    We need usa and trump so much now, we cant afford to upset him.

    Cue the media fanning immigration flames again ?
  5. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Active Member

    I've never heard of pithing frogs, if I saw anyone doing that I'd be on them like a ton of bricks, they would never do it again. Cruelty to animals is far worse than touching a lady's knee that seems to have blown up into a major crime these days.
  6. Harry pretending he has feelings.

    What a pitiful sight.
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  7. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Active Member

    DA, I can't imagine any sane human being doing that, I won't tolerate cruelty to animals including the production of halal meat.

    I also think that you're being cruel to us by showing your picture, I do wish you'd put your old one back, the latest one is indeed a pitiful sight.
  8. Harry, if only you showed such concern about your fellow man.

    Anyhoo, the thought of you bursting through the door of a college laboratory full of late-teen students and 'being on them like a ton of bricks' is a vision I can only greet with mirth.

    Serious question - do you subscribe to, or regularly visit, the Britain First Facebook page or website? I ask because you tick all the boxes, including an exaggerated pretence towards animal welfare in order to demonstrate that they are 'nice' 'ordinary' people.

    It's true - they go about animal welfare, cruelty to dawgs, helping the homeless etc. As if...
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  9. Robin1972

    Robin1972 New Member

    How to sink a forum in five minutes by trying to sound like Dev & failing miserably.

    Blimey :oops: and they had the cheek to say I was the desperate one :p
  10. Who? What?
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  11. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    There's a misnomer if ever I heard one.
    Reliant by name but unfortunately he always seems to end up in a pickle.
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  12. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    You're talking to yourself again, DA.
    Oh dear.
  13. How about the forum clubs together to buy Longs some wit? He's half way there.
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  14. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    I'd chip in to buy you some meds, perhaps others could donate too?
  15. Not needed - your posts are anaesthesia enough.
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  16. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear it.
    There's no need to marinate yourself in your own mess.

    Chow Chow.
  17. Robin1972

    Robin1972 New Member

    :D that was quite funny, I'll give you that.
  18. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Active Member

    I've only heard of Britain First since the Donald's nonsense, I know nothing about it and assume it's some right wing organisation set up to try to balance leftist extremism.
    I don't use Facebook, it's just full of people telling each other where they are, what they had for tea etc. and Twitter is for twits, furthermore I do not go around ticking boxes.
    Maybe I am keen on animal welfare just as you are so keen on writing codswallop, you could start a "Prevent Cruelty to Boxes" campaign if you like, you're daft enough.
  19. Ok, Harry - fair do's.

    You are keen on animal welfare, however bizarrely you display the strength of your feeling.

    What a shame you don't seem to consider humans as animals requiring welfare in the same capacity.
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  20. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Active Member

    You're the only person that thinks I don't condemn cruelty to humans, how you reach that conclusion is a mystery. Just more of your unsubstantiated ramblings I suppose.

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